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Companies whose teams / departments work in silos and are disconnected from each other end up harming the company’s prospects in the long run. If one arm of the firm does not know or works at cross purposes of the others, guess who is at a loss? Well everybody in the company top down to the bottom. The financial impact will mean smaller salary hikes and bonuses while for the management it just means revenue loss which could have been avoided. Thus to save the blushes in the company, tech tools such as ServiceNow and Salesforce are being deployed and even integrated 

Though each of these tools is designed to serve a basic purpose —ServiceNow’s IT service management and Salesforce CRM for customer engagement and delight —they do converge on the issue which has been vexing managements of companies world over from time immemorial : inter-departmental collaboration.  Robust companies and their departments need to collaborate better across 5 segmented parameters (“CCL’s” Center for Creative Leadership’s Boundary-Spanning Leadership) 

  • Horizontal: Expertise, function, peers. 

  • Vertical: Rank, class, seniority, authority, power. 

  • Stakeholder: Partners, constituencies, value chain, communities. 

  • Demographic: Gender, generation, nationality, culture, personality, ideology. 

  • Geographic: Location, region, markets, distance. 

The journey of enhancing collaboration within an organisation (medium or large or enterprise) begins with improvements in an individual team at the core level. The next level is to forge a meeting ground on particular projects across departments, and lastly, scaled across all five boundary types with many departments & interdependent projects which are also known as complex adaptive systems. Both these platforms were created and scaled to meet the issue of collaboration and engagement.

As companies give preference to lists reflecting their Agile/ITSM journey, the demarcations between platforms will keep shifting and even come to an end. As this scenario is effected in your business over time, the platforms that boost each will need be to be relooked. This means choosing one tool over the other in the future.

Managers and leaders who are able to surpass silos / boundaries have an edge when faced with issues, identifying innovative answers and evolving to stay afloat in today’s complex world. The benefits of collaborative leadership include: 

  • Enhanced ability to respond to an evolving marketplace. 

  • Advanced cross-organizational innovation processes. 

  • Achieving the desired goals 

  • Connected and empowered employees 

  • Better performing remote teams 

  • Multi regional engagement

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Anand Sharma

Anand is a Salesforce Evangelist, joined the Salesforce ecosystem in 2014 helping customers to be successful with Salesforce, and joined Codleo to share the goodness with even more developers all around the world. He is based in New Delhi, with his wife, and he tries to escape summers every chance he gets.

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