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Hello! Whether you are working from home or office full time, going back to the office permanently or infrequently may be on the cards. So, for all of you who are young, eager, and want to make the first right impression, we have assembled some simple tips for grooming yourself (male or female). These tips will help you feel confident, make the right impression on your office mates, and help you in life to be the best you can be.

  • Don't copy anyone's style - Be your person in life and in grooming/clothing. If your firm does not mandate a uniform/dress code, then dress by observing the normal dress code among the employees. You can ask the HR department or your colleagues for advice. However, at the end of the day, be yourself. Don't copy others or try to be like them. It won't get you anywhere, you might just be made fun of by the others for being a "copy cat".

  • Don't wear company colours - Don't try to wear office corporate logo colours or blend in with the furniture wearing the same colours on them. Stand out, don't blend in.

  • Water down your colour palette and avoid shiny fabrics and other metallics altogether.

  • Don't be a fashion victim - Dress to be comfortable. Wear fitted or loose fitted clothes which won't make you uncomfortable while working all day, whether in office or on the field. Don't be a fashion victim and dress uncomfortably / loudly / weirdly just because others do. What suits one, may not suit you. For example, if girls wear high heels, you don't need to ape them if you are not used to or comfortable with the same.

  • Casual clothing - Casual dressing/code doesn't mean you misuse the code. So, no shorts, slippers or sandals. Plain jeans paired with shirts/blouses/t-shirts are fine along with closed footwear.

  • Head Hair - Your hair should be neatly brushed, trimmed, and manageable.

  • Facial hair - Men should ensure that facial hair is groomed and trimmed, unless for religious reasons. Many hair grooming products are in the market, use them. Or patronize a good male salon.

  • Cosmetics - Use cosmetics but keep it simple. Don't overdo it and end up looking like a caricature. Use makeup as per the needs of your work profile or as mandated by the company.

  • Body fragrances - Use light perfume / deo which is not overpowering in its fragrance and makes you unpopular in the office. Carry the bottle of deo/perfume with you to work, in case you need to spray again.

  • Shoes - Men should wear shoes with laces, which are polished and shiny.

  • Men colour code - Your belt, socks and shoes should match. The shirt can be of any colour, while the trousers should in neutral colours such as blue, brown, black or grey. Do not wear white socks ever. Carry a smart clean handkerchief to work.

  • Bad breath - Always brush your teeth after meals, floss also. Don't forget to clean your tongue which is the source of bad breath daily. Carry mints/ clove/cardamom pods with you to freshen your breath and take them regularly. Consult a dentist if the problem is severe.


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