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In this blog, we shall look at some ways on how to make your email marketing campaigns successful. There are some pitfalls which we are not aware of and they can bring down the efforts put in by the respective team. Let's look at them and how all businesses can bring change in their campaigns.

Here are some top email marketing mistakes to avoid:

Use of No-reply@ or DoNotReply@ sender email addresses are a strict no-no. If you send emails out into the market with such email addresses, don't be surprised with low rates of replies. Always send emails from an ID that has the name of a person and they can reply to along with the presence of contact details and social media handles.

Ensure your email campaigns are mobile-friendly as it's the number one device people use on this planet, whether at home or office, on the move or at the airport. Optimize your email marketing software to be mobile-friendly. As per surveys, 40% of users check their emails at least 3 or 4 times a day. Get your email campaign software optimized for mobile devices right away.

Customizing your email marketing as per customer segmentation and relevance is a better idea. The segmentation can take the form of gender, age, location, industry, and so on. One size fits all days are over. Time has come for email marketing to be focused and segment driven. For example, a bakery selling desserts with stevia focuses on prospects with diabetes and health concerns.

Keep your messaging simple, clear, clean, and easy on the eye. Don't make it cluttered with too much information and chaos. Each email should only have one subject and a "call to action", nothing more and nothing less.

Make the option of "unsubscribe" easy to find and use. If someone does not want to engage with you, make it easy for them to exit.

We hope the above tips will give clarity on email marketing and its effectiveness for your organization. Start using them and become a dynamic business.

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