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Publish date: is a super work tool for businesses of all sizes. It makes collaboration on projects simpler and monitors progress across in-person & virtual teams, as well as a host of other business functions such as HR or marketing.   One of the top features of is the way it integrates with different business tools. By sharing information & automating everyday processes, businesses save time, remain linked, and handle the many aspects of a business from one centralised space. is here to make business life a lot smoother & easier. By enabling over 50 direct integrations with different work tools & apps, keeping the staff linked across multiple apps, without the hassle of switching between screening has never been cooler.

Businesses may set up one-way or two-way integrations from their account to automate daily tasks, such as sending emails or updating contacts. You can browse the integration center from the relevant board and select the tech tool you are seeking to integrate your org with. Here are some business tools for your information:

  1. Google Calendar – Integration is offered in a two-way sync with Google Calendar, enabling data from both apps to flow smoothly between one another.  By establishing parameters on either side of the integration a calendar event can be created based on the date in the board, or a board designed based on a calendar event. This integration is delightful for those who use Google Calendars to run their busy professional lives. With tasks linked to the Google Calendar, users can view them from their cell phone and set up time-based notifications with reminders for looming deadlines & schedules.

  2. Docusign - With such an integration achieved, businesses can automatically send documents that require e-signature from your board to the concerned stakeholders, removing the need to hunt on your desktop for the email attachment. The DocuSign integration is good for companies with an HR team, handling onboarding processes, or employed in the medical/legal field. Instead of dispatching documents via email and shuffling through replies, this integration enables companies to reduce paperwork & monitor signatures via the board, from a centralised space.

  3. Slack – One of Salesforce’s costliest acquisitions is a communication & collaboration tool for businesses. We have been using it since early this year. Just as Salesforce does, This integration is also a two-way sync. Businesses may have messages & updates from shared with a concerned Slack channel and vice versa.

  4. Hubspot – It is a client platform with software, integrations, and resources that businesses need for marketing, sales, content management, and customer engagement. Be it for a small or a large-scale company, it delivers the best experience for clients. It is a popular tool used globally. Businesses can curate their custom integration mix, so they can save & manage any new contact or deal information appropriately.

  5. Mailchimp – It is primarily an email marketing tool. It suggests ways to enhance content, targeting, and automation.

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