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For many of us working in the corporate sector, is a relatively unknown brand. To begin with, this is a software company based out of the capital of Israel – Tel Aviv. Founded in 2012, it has spread its wings globally and now has over 1000 employees in their regional offices. In today’s blog, we examine the many use cases of this tool that are making many of us sit up and take notice.

Below is where is a useful tool in businesses:

Project management – This is one of its most important use cases though not the only one. For companies that deal with projects, this is a versatile tool. It allows the management and the project managers to handle different projects, simple or complex, with ease. No more getting lost in the maze of the many moving parts. Even if you have teams or certain members working remotely, it's no longer a complicated affair. Here are some features that are meant for project management. The tool is used to design project plans, allocate deadlines, assign tasks and resources, & monitor enhancements in the project. 

It comes with monitoring features that enable users to measure metrics, like project cost, timeline, and task allocation. It also has a dash of reporting tools to gauge the health of the project and identify risks/threats to the project. It allows leadership and project managers to take proactive remedial actions to overcome any issues. Lastly, it has a bank of project templates to kick off various projects.

Customer Relationship Management – Cultivating your leads and clients with the help of a sophisticated & customizable tool is now gaining traction with SMBs as well as enterprise-level companies. A versatile CRM tool that allows the marketing & sales teams to be on top of their game. They can nurture ties that need to be strengthened to keep clients happy and loyal. Loyal customers in today’s day and age are akin to a “ pot of gold “. Plus, they also act as brand ambassadors. CRM tool opens the door for personalised engagement that clients demand from their brand these days. No cookie-cutter approach will work. We all agree on that and that’s what is needed in businesses. In fact, hyper personalisation with emails that target an individual especially is now becoming as popular.

It has lead management features to monitor prospects, allocate them to sales personnel, and monitor their journey via the sales pipeline.  It comes with contact management features that aid in tracking clients and managing their engagement history. Deal management features keep the deals ship – shape, set deadlines & analyse the sales process.  It also optimises’ s a team’s sprint planning & backlog management, enabling code collaboration & app deployment.

Content marketing – Ace your marketing game with the help of this versa tool. Woo clients with relevant marketing campaigns that resonate and deliver results. Create superior campaigns, monitor them, and let access to key metrics that reveal how they have performed.

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