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The most popular instant messaging app/service in the world is WhatsApp. With over 2 billion members and around 100 billion messages daily, it is a platform that no business can ignore. This messaging app got its initial popularity and push from India, with its large population. Over time, it has caught the fancy of populations globally. By linking with WhatsApp, the Salesforce marketing cloud has increased the potential for omnichannel engagement and is another method to engage with clients via its Contact Builder and Journey Builder. This Salesforce + WhatsApp partnership is a game-changer and will lead to enhanced client engagement thanks to Salesforce Integration Services.

Below are the benefits of the Salesforce Integration Services:
  1. New communication medium: Businesses can power communications & engagements and oversee marketing campaigns with all customers & prospects. Be where the customers are and where they want to engage with you—the business of their choice.

  2. Curate an encrypted client journey. Journey Builder is the base that allows companies to design customised multi-channel journeys. WhatsApp is an extra communication channel, enabling seamless connection with clients & using the capabilities of Journey Builder and WhatsApp. This is as per companies offering Salesforce Integration Services

  3. Client engagement: Businesses are opting for Marketing Cloud as it enhances client connection. With the possession of both Marketing Cloud and WhatsApp business messaging, thanks to Salesforce Integration Services, companies can keep their clients loyal and engaged with focused and consistent communication.

  4. Customised client experience: WhatsApp allows marketing teams and companies to customise every iota of data that reaches the chat box of the client. In conjunction with AI insights from Salesforce and other sources, WhatsApp is an ally of companies in offering customised client experiences with smart promotions, suggestions, and sharing important details with clients.

It's very important to note to those considering Salesforce Integration Services that WhatsApp has mandated that only those clients who have agreed to receive business correspondence can receive the same. Businesses must update, park, and handle their opt-in data. Clients have the power to report or block messages that they don’t want to receive. WhatsApp disallows companies from messaging clients for a long duration if the quality score is less than the minimum required. WhatsApp is also particular about the opt-in flows of a company, such as client feedback on policy violations.

For any business to thrive, it must acquire more leads & clients, forge bonds with them, and convert maximum prospects into clients. All sales and marketing departments must be strengthened with a tech tool to improve their communication channels and create a durable channel to engage with leads & clients. This is WhatsApp Business for you, and by integrating it with Marketing Cloud, thanks to Salesforce Integration Services, businesses get a wider reach on a device that is in everyone’s hands and minds.

For smooth and seamless Salesforce integration services with a host of tech tools, systems, and apps, call the expert, Codleo.

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