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“Social Media can provide a conversational extension to a B2B company’s nurturing programs. Social media allows us to humanize our communications and make our companies more approachable.” – Quote by Ardath Albee, CEO of 

Greetings and welcome to Part 2 of our 2 blog series on the topic “ What is Social media monitoring?’.  So, let’s say that we have all the data and insights from social media monitoring and now what. It’s time to start responding to the messages on the different platforms. Good social media monitoring tools highlight which posts need responses/attention and then give direction to conversations via the relevant response system. 

  • Delegate the work to different teams or personnel, says a Salesforce consultant. If the brand is getting a bad review on social media, then it’s time to send it to the public relations team, if any, or someone who can turn the negativity into positivity. If you are getting positive reviews, it is time to get someone to reward the unofficial brand ambassador. Have a team in place to handle the good and bad reviews. 

  • Capture leads. Those who review your business may not be your clients or follow your social media channels. By monitoring conversations, you can get these people to become paying clients/brand ambassadors, revealing Salesforce consultants.  

  • Solve the problems of clients. Many clients prefer to get solutions for their issues on social media, which is widely known by Salesforce consultants.  Thanks to appropriate social media monitoring tools, businesses can create an automatic ticket that the client service departments can address and sync with that client’s queries via different channels. 

  • Be ready for any exigency. Are businesses prepared to handle a crisis when negative comments gain ground? If you are agile and proactive, you can put a lid on explosive situations, according to a Salesforce consultant. The majority of social media crises can be avoided with the right planning & investment. 

Analyze the sentiments behind comments and conversations, and monitor them over time, says a Salesforce consultant. Use the data analytics option to determine how useful your marketing strategy has been, the demand for new goods or services, and how to improve things further. 

A good way to gain traction on social media is to listen to popular / trending topics and use that to curate content. The creation of content that gets eyeballs should be non-negotiable. Mr. Vineet Rana, Digital Marketing of Codleo Salesforce consultant, says, “Content is king, but it has to be relevant content. So thought process and analysis are very important as always." 

Social media monitoring via relevant social media monitoring tools gives businesses the bandwidth to better serve their clients. It’s imperative that businesses be proactive when it comes to social media mentions of their business and offerings. The companies that listen, engage, and take remedial actions are the ones who will thrive in the competitive market. Be a good listener and do well confirm Salesforce consultant. Are you? 


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