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A growing large population battling a sedentary lifestyle, stress, chaotic eating, and climate change is impacting healthcare. In such a scenario, the use of tech is seen as a game-changer. In today’s blog, we examine 6 trends that will be talked about in 2024.

Below are the top trends in the healthcare industry in 2024:
  • Generative AI. It will be very impactful this year. It will allow access to other super AI applications, making it simpler to execute and review results and generate customised suggestions. It will generate data that is useful to train medical AI algorithms without negating patient privacy or in situations when actual data may not be available for usage. They enable the creation of chatbots & virtual assistants to assist in every stage of the patient journey. The uses of generative AI in healthcare are many and will see them take the stage this year. Call our Salesforce Consultant to know more.

  • Customised medicine. At a macro level, it refers to creating personalised treatment d plans for each patient. In reality, it's being implemented with technology and data. The most advanced usage is in genomics, where AI is analysing patients' DNA for disease diagnosis and treatment purposes.  It will also help in creating customised medication that is personalised at the molecular structure to deal with unique conditions. This will be expensive but becoming a trend in 2024 and beyond, says a Salesforce Consultant.

  • Virtual Healthcare Assistants. Virtual assistants and chatbots will assist clinicians by giving suggestions on treatments, diagnoses, and medicines. They will provide information to patients by replying to queries about their care.  The supply of information required to make more informed decisions is available.  Plus, they will interface with electronic health record systems and be leveraged to book & schedule appointments. They will be used to remind patients to take medications or eat reveals a Salesforce Consultant.

  • Preventive measures. The move to a proactive approach will be a top priority for healthcare providers in 2024. Evidence shows that it results in long-term benefits for patients, and lowers the costs linked to managing/treating preventable conditions. Tech such as AI and wearable technology, will be seen in action, triggering early warning & quick intervention.

  • 3D printing. In developing countries where medical equipment is expensive or inaccessible, it helps print tools & devices as needed, such as instruments used in surgery, orthopedic or dental implants, and prosthetics. Research is being done to check the viability of 3D-printed organs for organ transplants. The biological tissue taken from the patient is the foundation of this tech advancement states a Salesforce Consultant.

  • Virtual And Augmented Reality.  The use of virtual reality is gaining momentum, with many innovative use cases being headlines. It’s been effective in handling long-term chronic pain. Augmented Reality is being used in operating rooms by surgeons to look at information on one screen.

  • Innovation in elderly care. Health solutions that will enable elderly people to receive care at home will gain ground. Hence the elderly don’t need to receive care and treatment in medical institutions says a Salesforce Consultant.

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