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Digital marketing as a career offers a plethora of posts for those who are willing to work hard, be creative, fluent in languages, and smart.  With every company needing a strong and unique online presence, the sky is the limit for career makers. In this blog, we suggest some tips for those seeking to be the digital marketing rulers of tomorrow.  

The top tips for starting your digital marketing career are: 

  • Eagerness. Be eager to learn and passionate about this choice of industry you are planning to enter, actually be passionate about most things you do in life. The zeal to succeed and be the best you can be in this business will drive you to kick start your career with a big bang. 

  • Stay abreast of all industry news. With so much happening on a daily basis, one must take time to stay up to speed with all developments in the industry. One way to do so is to follow important digital marketing sites and industry influencers on social media. As many social media platforms constantly update their paid advertising platforms and algorithms, in order to be on top of your game you need to know such information. 

  • Networking. Be a professional networker. It will do wonders to do your fledgling career plans. Stay in the company (online or offline) of seniors in the vertical. If you get a chance attend seminars, webinars, and presentations to make or enhance bonds with digital marketers. You never know when they will be of help and support. Build your own professional support structure but be subtle. Don't be too pushy and rub people the wrong way. 

  • Experiment with projects. Get your hands “down and dirty”. Make it a habit to test theories, play with Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Social Media, and so on. Be responsible for its running as well success or failure. Make sure that you experiment with your thoughts & ideas.  

  • Be familiar with the industry specific lingo. Every industry has its specific lingua / terminology. So, start your studies by reading up on terminology so that it does go sound French to you when you are in a job or assignment. Monitoring of digital marketing campaigns and what clicks and what doesn’t depend on your mastery of the industry lingua. 

  • Create your own social media presence. This is the first step for gaining a foothold in this industry. To convince employers that you will be an asset in their company, build your own presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Let these channels be your “visiting or calling” card. Be witty, creative, quirky but with moderation and good language skills. No offensive posts. Respect all and be empathic. 

  • Technical skills. Some technical skills are needed to get work done. This cannot be wished away. Knowledge of HTML and graphic design are assets. Get the rudimentary skills to make yourself indispensable and a hit with your new employers.

About the Author

Akansha Singh

Akansha is a Digital Consultant having rich experience in Organic as well as Paid Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Email Marketing and also in Social Media Management. Her main forte is to help you grow your business through strategy and planning.

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