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Preparing for any type of career certification can be nerve-racking. It is also important for anyone who wishes to be a part of the growing band of Salesforce certified personnel seeking to make a good career for themselves. In this blog, we have some handy tips on how to approach the mandatory certifications exams and not wilt under pressure. 

  • Discover the goals of the exam. For every certification, there is a matching guide that contains all study material needed by whoever wishes to enter this ecosystem. This guide has to be studied over and over with a focus on the exam outline. It contains the details about the particular exam goals for your certification. If there is the clarity with regard to the exam, then success seems brighter. 

  • Know your testing style. There are different ways in which anyone can sit for a certification exam. One can go to a testing centre or give it online from a remote location. Choose the option best for you. In a test centre you can use paper and pencil / pen whereas, in the online exam, the option is not there. So if you are the kind of person who likes to make written notes etc, then visiting a test centre is the way to go. If you are comfortable with taking exams online, then that is the route for you. 

  • Don’t worry about the exam timelines. Even though the exam comes with time limits, always remember the time starts when you decide to press the “ start “ button. So don’t panic.  Steady yourself before gently gliding into the exam.  

  • Recall and use various memorizing techniques. In school and college, everyone has different types of shortcuts to help them study and give exams. These included Acronyms, diagrams, and mnemonic devices that each on their own plays an important role in helping students memorise.  See what works for you. Be innovative, be creative. Find your inner mojo to study and pass any certification. 

  • Time management during the exam. Time management is an important quality everyone needs to work on and nurture.  Certification exams are of 2 hour duration with 60 questions. This amounts to an average of spending less than 2 minutes per question if the idea is to complete it on time. So when giving mock exams in preparation, time yourself that you don’t spend more than 2 minutes on a question. 

  • Guess the answers if you are stuck. If you find questions where you are not absolutely sure about the answers then take a guess. There is no harm. Better than leaving the questions to go unanswered. Try it. 

  • Always double read each question before attempting it. This rule is valid for everyone for all exams. Only if the question is clear, can you submit the appropriate answers. But read at speed and not at snail pace because you only have 2 hours. 

  • Try and try again if you fail. After the exam is over, you get an email with the result and detailed feedback. If you fail, then the lessons to succeed the second time are available to you so you may ace it.  

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Anand Sharma

Anand is a Salesforce Evangelist, joined the Salesforce ecosystem in 2014 helping customers to be successful with Salesforce, and joined Codleo to share the goodness with even more developers all around the world. He is based in New Delhi, with his wife, and he tries to escape summers every chance he gets.

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