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Top Salesforce Health Cloud Features


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"Developments in medical technology have long been confined to procedural or pharmaceutical advances, while neglecting a most basic and essential component of medicine: patient information management." - Quote by John Doolittle.

The health care domain is heading towards a boom thanks to Salesforce and its very useful Health Cloud. Salesforce Health Could put the patient at the centre of care by giving caregivers core advantages. They get a holistic view of the patient with integrated data from EHRs, wearables and more. They are able to make smarter care decisions from a single console and engage with patients across their caregiver networks and on any device. It has been developed in partnership with leading healthcare companies, such as Centura Health, DJO Global, Radboud University Medical Center, UCSF and Philips. It empowers medical professionals to go beyond health records and build meaningful relationships with patients. Let's read in brief about its main features that make it so attractive.

The top Salesforce Health Cloud features are:

1.  Building patient relationships - Salesforce prides itself in building bridges between clients and their clients, bringing them closer to the benefit of all parties. This principle has been successfully carried forward to their health cloud.  This product is ideal for enhancing service provider - patient relationship. The product empowers patients and improves communication.  It enables patients to be a vital part of their care process by giving them access to a comprehensive health environment. 

2. Health literacy - The health cloud access to patients provides them with relevant information regarding symptoms, patterns, diagnosis or treatments, real-time engagement with professionals, access to care plans and so on. This leads to better health outcomes and overall need for re-hospitalisation reduced which benefits all involved parties. Less number of patients in hospitals means less burden / pressure on them especially India's overstretched government hospitals.

3. Improved care of patients - With the health cloud being a one - stop solution for medical care providers, they can now spend more time and energy on patient management / care, prioritise tasks, and undertake speedier actions that deliver better outcome for each patient. Personalised care is enhanced, and patient delight rises.  Salesforce’s focus on Artificial Intelligence tools increases the level of individual attention healthcare providers provide to their patients.

4.  Better collaboration - The tool enables better collaboration and communication among various departments in the hospital. Everyone is linked and have access to the patient's entire medical history & records, thus ensuring a smooth flow of work and care for all.  The health cloud manages patient acquisition, clinical check-up appointments, hospital enrolments, access to treatment devices & medicines and so on which frees the medical teams to devote full energy on patients - out patients or in patients. Leave the admin work to tech tools and let people care for people.

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