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Top Salesforce Chrome Extensions


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As you are aware there are a plethora of savvy Salesforce chrome extensions that assist in reducing time and are very handy. From plugins to save passwords, to extensions like OneTab to save your computer’s memory, there is a tool in Chrome’s armoury for everything. This applies to Salesforce as well with the many Salesforce chrome extensions to select from to help you with your daily work. Let’s read about them in detail, shall we? 

Salesforce Inspector - An extension to build on a metadata layout on top of the normal Salesforce UI to enhance the efficiency and pleasure of Salesforce configuration, development, and integration work. 

Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher – Allows users to speedily hunt through their instances Apex classes, triggers, Visualforce pages, and components.

ORGanizer for Salesforce - The ORGanizer Chrome Extension (Beta version) allows users to put their® username and passwords in the backburner and lets users identify Salesforce tabs on the browser. 

Salesforce navigator – It takes users to any page on their salesforce edition / instance in a jiffy. Just type what you looking for and you will be transported there in a few seconds.

Salesforce API Fieldnames - This specific extension displays the API (Application Programming Interface ) field names on detail pages. 

Salesforce Change Set Helper - A chrome extension to enhance the usability of Salesforce changesets. Builds on last changed date and enables sorting, hunting, confirmation, and comparison with other orgs. 

Salesforce Admin Check All - It refers to an extension that improves the Salesforce Setup pages by linking “check all” checkboxes to different checkbox lists. This improved functionality aids in making some setup tasks more efficient by theoretically helping administrators from going through every checkbox in a list one by one. 

Enhance Salesforce Dashboard - As you are aware Salesforce enables users to refresh Dashboards daily, weekly, or monthly. With the magical functionality, you can now have “up to the second” real time information and configure auto refresh frequency/duration as per user needs. 

Salesforce Mass Editor - Carry out a large scale curation, updates, cloning, or emptying any list view. It is available in both the versions of Salesforce – Classic, and Lightning. Though if you are still on the Classic version, it’s high time you migrated to the much more efficient lightning version. Let us help you on this journey. 

Salesforce Enhanced Code Searcher – Use this magical feature to get your code by a reduction in the number of clicks. Great, isn’t it? It also lets you find any string in your code. 

These and many other chrome extensions are time saving features / functionalities that you as a user should know and use to get work done quickly &  smoothly.

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