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Digital Marketing is a Popular profession


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Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed reading the first part of the blog series. Now let's deep dive into part 2 and get acquainted. So, if you are confused about your career path, digital marketing has many reasons to be a part of this industry, let’s find out what are they.

6. Increase in revenues from digital classifieds (advertisements etc). A study in 2015 predicted that the income from digital classifieds would be five times more than it was in 2015. In 2020-21 financial year it was predicted that digital classifieds would generate Indian rupees 23 billion. This explosion is creating a big demand for smart digital marketers who understand the nuances of the trade and can drive revenues with their smart, savvy, sensible posts and outreach. The everyday dynamics of digital marketing changes daily, therefore a digital marketer has to be flexible, smart, and conversant with the latest changes, developments, and technologies. The digital marketer of tomorrow will need to predict changes and execute them earlier to be ahead in the market and others.

7. Explosion in the number of users on the internet. Let’s look at India, with the prices of mobile phones falling especially due to stiff competition among the players; smartphones are now in the hands of all. It could be a nurse from Badaun, a cobbler in Karnal, or a farmer in Aurangabad, everyone now has access to mobile phones and aspirational so are found on social media channels. A perfect example was the boom and success of tiktok among young ones across panchyats and municipalities of hinterland India and mofussil towns.  Statistics show that internet users in 2015 were around 259 million which went up to over 331 million in 2017. It’s expected that by 2022 the number of users will double. This is due to many factors such as population growth, easy and cheap access to smartphones and internet plans. Look at the figures and the possibilities for brands, digital marketing companies, and you in this field making a difference as a digital marketer.

8. It’s an economical form of advertising. Compared to other forms of marketing and advertising, digital marketing is cheap and lucrative. The ROI is much higher as the investment is so low. Companies no longer want to spend thousands in print media or lakhs on TV, so the alternative id digital channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and so many more. These also include dating apps that are proliferating and their advertising is very very cheap. Digital marketing prices come at a fraction of the other mediums. Demand is high.

9. Higher engagement rate. Since social media channels are interactive, there is more engagement with clients and leads. Consumers need quality and quantity content for entertainment and education. This is where you come in as a digital marketer cum content creator. Your responsibility is very high and satisfaction even higher.


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Vineet Rana

Vineet Rana is the digital marketing manager in the #Awesome team at Codleo. He is passionate about all things branding, and his mission is to get amazing content out to everyone as much as possible. When He is not online, he loves cooking, lifting weights, and hiking in the Himalayas with his friends.

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