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Supporters are the backbone you need


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NGOs need all the help they can in these troubled times to be able to sustain themselves and carry on (if not expand their work) as funds become scarce and everyone has gone into hiding. A tech tool like NPSP / Salesforce for NGO is just the resource needed to streamline everything to make the NGO a superman for its beneficiaries.

Let’s take a look at the main 4 features in Salesforce for NGO:

  • Constituent management. In this particular context, when we use the word constituent, it refers to supporters of the NGO / the noble caused being espoused. It is a vital part of any NGO to stay on top of their supporter’s information / data to use the same for better donation raising and interaction with them. Without the supporters, No NGO can sustain its work without donation campaigns, volunteering, or advocacy initiatives. Hence every NGO worth its salt must be on top of this. The Nonprofit Success Pack gives access to all NGOs of the basic features of standard Salesforce CRM pre-configured to fulfill the NGO’s donor management and donation requirements. It lets an NGO create supporter profiles using custom fields and relationships. An employee can add custom fields, objects, relationships, and other elements to their CRM. Using NPSP (Salesforce for NGO) for support management means the NGO is free to devote time to other tasks.  

  • Event management. This aspect may not apply to all NGOs as only some are involved in events for raising funds for the NGO or a particular program. Organizing an event (big or small) ain't easy with many moving parts. This where the Salesforce for NGO comes in.  The event management feature within the NPSP allows the organizers/employees to get a holistic view of the moving parts and thus take action to streamline the various event-related tasks. With the appropriate Salesforce event management application or integration, the following can be tackled with ease without the need to exiting the CRM – Event registration, all the logistics, and the overall guest’s experience.

  • Donation campaign management. The NPSP lets you manage all fundraising efforts efficiently so that your donor campaigns run like well-oiled machines.  With the many Salesforce’s features and some integrations, a number of fundraising tactics are addressed, such as web based donations, matching gifts as well as peer to peer fundraising. With the NPSP, the NGO can monitor all efforts within Salesforce so that the NGO gets data on donors, mediums of donation collecting, and how near / far are you to your fundraising efforts (present and future). 

  • Marketing and communications. Having a clear-cut marketing strategy is good to spread awareness, garner support, and drive donations. Within Salesforce, the NGO can run marketing and communications in a sophisticated and holistic manner. The mediums used are emails, social media channels, and physical mails. Your medium of engagement could be any, Salesforce for NGO makes organizing and/or segmenting recipient list simpler, access to professional design tools, and track replies, etc.

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