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Tech Savvy Small Businesses Are Thriving


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Small businesses whether run by a proprietor, a family, or a group always have their back against the wall. They struggle to retain business, especially battling big players in their domain. For example, mom-and-pop run grocery stores in neighborhoods are dealing with the loss of business to big players like Modern Bazaar, Big bazaar, and so on. In these tough times where competition is so tough, small businesses need all the help they can get. One such big help is having a great tech stack or being “ digital first ” with the help of the best Salesforce partners.

What is digital first to begin with? Digital-first refers to companies that are using a minimum of 50% digital or cloud technologies since their launch. This includes email, video conferencing, document sharing, and the ubiquitous CRM tool (customer relationship management). As the majority of the tools in this digital-first journey or stack are cloud-based, it means that users have the freedom to work and be productive anytime and anywhere. This has opened frontiers and people’s productivity is on the rise. They can work whether sitting in a homestay in Mangalore or a villa in Pondicherry or a mansion in Joshimath confirms the best Salesforce partners.

What goes into the making of a tech-savvy small business as per the best Salesforce partners?

The beginning of the journey. Two issues that are foremost in the mind are the relevant use cases from others in the same industry as well as the cost of tools. Onboarding and adoption can be achieved quickly, and the desired results shortly.  1 in 2 businesses has said that results start trickling in within 3 months of any tool being adopted. Call the best Salesforce partners for more details on your tech stack.

The digital-first journey has no expiry or limits. Let’s be clear, it is always a “work in progress” and is always ongoing. It’s important to keep onboarding relevant and useful tools. Plus, always good to audit the existing tech stack. This way the company management can decide which ones to keep, and which ones have outlived their utility. Keep it going. Over 40% of businesses in a survey responded that they look out for new tools that can integrate easily with their current tech stack. At times, rehaul of the internal support channels is better than onboarding new tech tools to reveal the best Salesforce partners.

Simplicity and ease of use. These are not mere words but the difference between the success and failure of tech tools deployed in a business.  A tool that is easy to use has high adoption and is always beneficial say the best Salesforce partner. The simpler the design yet more powerful its value & function, the more chances it being a success. Such as our in-house project management app ProjecLeo which is native to Salesforce CRM and hence based on “ drag and drop “ features, less coding, and more levels of customization.


According to the best Salesforce partners, here are some tech tools that any small business that is tech-savvy should have:

  • Customer Relationship Management Tool 

  • Accounts software

  • Email marketing tool

  • HR Management tool

  • Communication and collaboration tool

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