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Salesforce Slack Integration


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Salesforce is determined to provide safe, generative AI to a large portion of its platform, and Slack – the communication & collaboration tool now part of Salesforce is the latest tool to receive the same. Slack is delivering generative AI internally into the user experience to enable people to work smarter, learn quicker, & communicate effectively. The Slack GPT platform comes with a revised Slack workflow builder, whose basic premise is building blocks (i.e. remixable, reusable pieces of functionality) that consist of generative AI-fuelled & AI-supported building blocks for workflows. As of now for developers according to Best Salesforce Partners, the final objective is to offer generative AI-powered workflows available to all to use for their workflows. Slack is saying this is the first piece of the bigger picture of how generative AI will enhance productivity on the platform. 

According to Salesforce Partners Slack GPT revolves around three pointers:
  • Slack is delivering generative AI internally into the user experience to enable people to work smarter, learn quicker, & communicate effectively.

  • Slack engineers can create no-code workflows that include AI actions, with easy instructions at every step. This means easy deployment of AI automation.

  • Einstein GPT app for Slack. Einstein GPT-fuelled insights will transform client information to life in Slack. 

Why Slack GPT?

According to Top Salesforce Partners, Slack is a top gun when it comes to generative Artificial Intelligence because:

1. Company knowledge to use on all projects, topics, and teams, produced via messages, files, and clips that are posted & shared on Slack daily by users. 

2. A strong partner ecosystem to increase Slack’s abilities with third-party apps. There are nearly 265 mobile apps, such as integrations with many large language models (LLMs), like Chat GPT.

3. It is a safe & robust platform that allows companies to decide how they want to link their tools with generative AI.

Here are some ways Slack GPT is going to be a game changer according to Salesforce Partners:

AI-created channel summaries: Dive into a Slack channel and get updated on unread Slack messages with solitary clicks, in an instant when scrolling through a channel. 

Huddle's summaries: It will function as a secretary or a PA taking notes of the proceedings of meetings conducted within Slack. With recaps and CTAs listed say Salesforce Partners.

AI-enabled writing: Creating content in the Slack message composer is going to be a time saver. With the creation of an initial draft, Slack GPT can be used to amend the tone & tenor of the content say Salesforce Partners.

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