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Three free in-app guidance walkthroughs


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The much awaited Summer 2021 release by Salesforce is here. Exciting developments and new features make up the essence of this release. Each release is eagerly awaited by Admins & Developers along with users who get UI improvements. Let’s find about the same in detail. 

  • Pipeline inspection: It gives the sales team a unified view of their pipeline encompassing key performance indicators (KPIs) and opportunities. Plus, Pipeline Inspection shows modifications in close dates, amounts, stages, and forecast categories. With these insights, the team can focus on crucial deals and the supervisors can narrow opportunities or staffers that need greater support.  

  • Send list emails your way: If the sales department has been vocal in its frustration with the limitations of dispatching list emails solely via Salesforce, then this summer’s release brings good tidings for them. With this release they can send email from Outlook or Gmail, allowing them more liberty over their daily work and choices. Thanks to a genuine look, expect higher delivery, open, and click-through rates. Good news, is it not? 


  • Dynamic Actions bar: The summer 2021 release also has an update for Dynamic Actions. A quick and smooth configuration of a Dynamic Actions bar for your standard and custom actions is now available. It incorporates setting visibility for the complete Dynamic Actions bar. 

  • Inline Editing in Salesforce Reports (Beta): Salesforce is harnessing the capabilities of inline editing to reports! Therefore, if a record is outdated, a user may update specific fields (text, numeric, and checkbox) without exiting the report view.  

  • Einstein’s Key Account Identification: This feature enables brands to identify who their main / priority customers are. This enables brands to nurture these VIP customers so they stay loyal, happy, and unofficial brand ambassadors. Salesforce Pardot takes care of all the hard and dirty work so that you can nurture these wonderful clients, without wasting your time and energy. Now isn’t this a great resource. 

  • Native Sales Navigator Integration for LinkedIn: Earlier LinkedIn Navigator integration was present as an AppExchange App. With the latest release, Salesforce has enabled native integration for Sales Navigator, incorporating a LinkedIn Sales Navigator part that can be linked to the Lightning page layout for the lead, contact, opportunity, and account objects. A user can also link InMail and Connection Request Lightning actions. 

  • 3 gratis In-App Guidance Walkthroughs:  In their earlier avatar, Walkthroughs were a chargeable feature of MyTrailhead, however in this release; a user gets 3 Walkthroughs totally free. Walkthroughs lets users curate an interactive tour, leading viewers through onboarding or the latest features, with prompts at every step of the journey. 

  • Mass Actions in Split View: Earlier a user had to resort to List view to perform mass actions. Now you are saved from this task. Now, one can perform mass actions in split view too. Another time-saving option. 

Codleo has enjoyed reading out an overview of Salesforce Summer 2021 features. Which feature have we forgotten to list? Which feature are you awaiting? Write in and let us know. 

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