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Salesforce has released new generative AI tools to enhanced retail operations for customers, merchandisers, and marketing teams alike. The new tools are built within the Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud, assisted by the Einstein 1 platform. Einstein 1 links to retail or shopper information, syncing with large language models (LLMs) to deliver context in real-time, brand voice consistency, data governance and security. Einstein Copilot for Shoppers, a generative AI assistant design for more customised engagement with consumers that result in quicker goods discovery & selling is one such tool present in it.  For retail merchandisers, Salesforce has Page Designer to design e-commerce portals with natural language prompts and Return Insights in Order Management to review behaviour in returns incidents & recommend modifications for good display details to lower incidents of goods being returned.

For marketing teams, Salesforce launched Global Promotion Management to combine marketing information with predictive insights to improve approximate future pricing and design superior rewards programs. Salesforce has also launched Referral Marketing, which delivers prebuilt templates and an AI enabled "likely to refer" tool for companies’ referral programs. Ask Salesforce Consulting Services for more information.

The new retail tools sit well with Salesforce's AI portfolio, demonstrating how the CRM vendor is continuing its journey to ingrain generative AI for enhanced client experience & business results. Einstein Copilot for Shoppers is a good addition that demonstrates how companies are becoming at ease with generative AI to engage with clients. Einstein Copilot for Shoppers is a great boon for consumers confirms companies providing Salesforce Consulting Services. It links remote digital & in-person digital experiences to gather client preferences.

Einstein Copilot for Shoppers is being fine-tuned and should be in the market of summer 2024 says Codleo - Salesforce Consulting Services. Page Designer is also in the same mode. Return Insights in Order Management and Referral Marketing is out in the market for use. Global Promotion will be rolled out within few weeks.

Mr. Rahul Ray, Director – Codleo,  Salesforce Consulting Services says “ We are excited about the investment by Salesforce Inc in AI tools going forward. The current release of retail shopping & marketing AI tools is a positive step and we are looking forward to studying the same. It will be a great tool for these concerned verticals as they seek to harness tech for their growth”.

Watch this space as we as Salesforce Consulting Services bring the latest and greatest news from tech to your screens and keep you in the loop. Have a great evening. Ciao for now.

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