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“NGOs have a complicated space in neoliberal politics. They are supposed to mop up the anger. Even when they are doing good work, they are supposed to maintain the status quo. They are the missionaries of the corporate world.” – Quote by Arundhati Roy, writer, and activist.  

The Nonprofit Success Pack or NPSP (formerly known as Nonprofit Starter Pack), is a constituent of the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. NPSP is an open-source add-on app to with pre-built constituent and donor management features. Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a series of managed packages, installed on top of Salesforce Enterprise Edition. Salesforce for NGOs is the best way to increase efficiency in NGOs which is usually lacking says a renowned Salesforce consulting company.   

The Top 5 features of Salesforce NPSP for NGOs as per Salesforce consulting are:  
  • Donation and Grant Management: The NPSP helps you Track Donations and manage Grants received effectively. This would lead to better planning for donation drives and reaching out to institutions to get more grants. A good Salesforce consulting company sets it up for your success. 

  • Constituent / Donor Management: Salesforce NPSP enables managing donors or constituents who are crucial for the success of NGOs. The team responsible for donor engagement, provides a mine of data such as contact details, relationship with the NGO, donation details, and demographic profiling. 

  • Engagement Management: Communication with the world is essential to spread your message, raise more funds, and widen your scope of work. Salesforce empowers NGOs to engage with various categories of audiences by providing personalized experiences. It allows stakeholders to visit their journeys thus strengthening their commitment. A Salesforce consulting company will customize aspects needed as per the NGOs' goals.  

  • Volunteer Management: Managing volunteer engagement in the form of time or resources is easy with the NPSP. It allows you to track volunteer hours, match skillsets to opportunities, and even provide them with the flexibility to devote time to shifts. A good Salesforce consulting company is at hand to ensure all requirements as per the needs of the NGO are met.   

  • Campaign Management: Creating and tracking the campaigns for donations or programs is now simple. Opportunity Campaigns can be carried out within or outside the purview of Salesforce based on the nature of the campaign. Reach out to Codleo Salesforce Consulting for the same. 

Mr. RS Maan of Codleo Salesforce Consulting says “The Nonprofit Success Pack or NPSP helps NGOs of all shapes, sizes, and domains to become corporate which leads to them becoming more focused on their core task - making a difference. We as Salesforce NPSP Consultants in India enable this process to happen”.  

More NGOs are gravitating towards automation and digital/tech makeover as they see merit in adopting technology for their good work. The Nonprofit Success Pack or NPSP is a step in this direction.  

If you are an NGO looking to achieve a digital makeover, contact us for Salesforce for NGO pack – NPSP. We are among the leading Salesforce consulting companies in India. We are waiting to engage with you and transform your organization for good. 

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