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ways to successful Salesforce Implementation


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Salesforce is a transformational tool that revolutionizes how business is conducted. It is now the preferred CRM for businesses worldwide: large corporations to small family-run businesses. It is a game-changer and can turn the fortunes of a company, making it a leaner and meaner business machine. Therefore it to be a game-changer for you, it has to be implemented with the right architecture and design. As a business owner, you can always implement salesforce or any other Customer relationship management tool (CRM) on your own. However it won’t be easy and if you face any issues, then you won’t have anyone to troubleshoot for you. It's best to go with a professional than to repent later.

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Here we put before you the entire process (step by step) for implementing salesforce for your company.

Consultation process

In the first stage, the salesforce partner assigned will study your company’s vision, goal, and existing business requirements and accordingly will define business objectives that Salesforce should support. This is the initial important step that should be considered in the right manner to achieve your business goals with Salesforce functionality. They will engage with you in-depth. They will document data critical for your functioning which needs to be mapped as well as key performance metrics that form the basis of your reports.

Setup and configure

Once all the requirements and data are studied, they will choose an implementation method for you. Now your basic implementation set up is ready for customization and configuration. Configuration means amending Salesforce default capabilities with point-and-click tools & customization is curating of the platform with apex code. We advise a simple implementation, to begin with.

Deploy and Integrate

The next step is to integrate your Salesforce with third-party systems, such as ERP, eCommerce platforms, document management systems to make your Salesforce solution work seamlessly and to ensure increased visibility of data flows across integrated applications

Import data from old CRM

This is followed by a smooth migration of your data into Salesforce and its related tools without loss of data or any kind of impact on your business processes.

Training the users 

A critical aspect of salesforce deployment is to provide intensive training to the end-users. The quicker and easier they get the hang of the CRM is best as it leads to lesser resistance among them. The adoption rate shoots up and the company comes out a winner. Training is provided to different teams as per their requirements. The training sessions are engaging, fun, and informative.

Post-implementation support

In the last stage, post-implementation services are provided at the beginning of Salesforce CRM usage. In this “Go live” stage support is provided, training and support handover is done in a phased manner.

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As you can see, the implementation of Salesforce or any other CRM for that matter is not easy with layers of complexity. It is therefore vital that you get in touch with a company which will look out for interests. They will handhold you every step of the way to ensure a smooth deployment.

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