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An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. –  Quote by the late Benjamin Franklin.

Salesforce commitment to higher education is reflected in connecting campuses with its Salesforce education cloud implemented by Salesforce Consulting Partners. The Salesforce education cloud enables all services which a student in a college needs to know to be consolidated in one place and easily available. Plus, the cloud offers the option of personalised marketing and communication. Thus, the colleges can engage with prospective students, current students, parents, alumni, and other stakeholders in a direct, real, and more meaningful way. In the same spirit, education Salesforce cloud has been focused on ensuring that education more specifically higher education (University level) is connected by technology to enhance the whole experience say Salesforce Consulting Partners.

The new tools / features of the education cloud are in the limelight include:
  • Sales Cloud & Service Cloud added: Education Cloud is native to the core Salesforce platform, therefore, the new licensing for Education Cloud incorporates Sales and Service Cloud licensing. This means that institutions can use objects like opportunities, cases, leads, etc in different ways to scale quicker & higher state Salesforce Consulting Partners.

  • OmniStudio: This addition of OmniStudio to Education Cloud allows users the opportunity to build a branded, guided experience that represents a flow but has a sophisticated UI that uses the basic rawness of Lightning Web Components (also known as LWC). This bouquet of features incorporates FlexCards (contextually relevant info in an easy-to-follow format), OmniScripts (Flow’s better version), DataRaptors (data tools that engage with FlexCards & OmniScripts), and Integration Procedures (complicated data transformations are possible, without the need to write code).

  • Actionable Lists: This feature can be mind blowing for some teams or departments – you can consider it an enhanced version of the list view. Assign priority, set OmniScripts for guided engagement, and allocate actionable lists to sales or service team members to interact with students, their family, alumni, and so on. The use cases are many say Salesforce Consulting Partners, such as prioritizing applicants or building a cache of leads for the team of counsellors.

  • Student Record View: Similar to the UI layout in Service Cloud, institutions now get a holistic view of the profile of each student, within a page.  One page gives all the info needed, say Salesforce Consulting Partners.

The slew of features coming to Education Cloud represents Salesforce’s continuous investment into upgrading the tool that address the requirements of modern institutions of higher learning. Education Cloud is built on basic functionality, which means it is now a part of Salesforce Industries confirms Salesforce Consulting Partners. What does it mean? In brief, Education Cloud has access access to products that other industries, such as media or energy, have used.

If you work or run a professional college / academy / institute of higher learning, you need the Education cloud and Salesforce Consulting Partners. Put your institute on the road to efficiency with Codleo - Salesforce Consulting Partners and the Education cloud.

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