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Young people looking for a career path that will shine for years to come have to look no further. The CRM industry has built many a career and was valued at 76$ billion in 2021 and is now estimated to be $ 228 billion by 2030 (just 7 years away). The value that companies are seeing in adopting a CRM tool to transform their company is having a ripple effect in the job market. Leading the pack of CRM companies is the American-based Salesforce, inc. Salesforce has a large chunk of the CRM market globally with many Fortune 500 companies in its client list.

Salesforce's presence in emerging markets like India is getting stronger and this is having a ripple effect on the jobs in the country.  Salesforce India estimates the creation of approx. 5 lakh jobs in the next few years with Salesforce consulting partners. This is due to its robust expansion plans across the markets and regions of India with the help of partners like Codleo Consulting. Codleo itself has over 100 employees (experienced and raw freshers) in its growing ranks.

Why be a Salesforce star?
  • Tremendous career growth opportunities

  • Demand is fuelling mega salaries

  • Flexible working be it remote or hybrid

  • Different avenues of work – Salesforce Inc. offices, partners, or companies using SFDC

How can a rank fresher get into the expanding universe of Salesforce?
  • Study the basics of Salesforce. If you ever hear of Salesforce from anyone in your social circle, it's best to do your initial homework. Learn the basics of the Salesforce universe from the internet, what is it used for, and so on. People with a computer background grasp it better and quickly. Some may not grasp the nuances of  Salesforce consulting partners.  Comprehending the use of different products to design robust automation & personalisation that empowers a company is important learning. Get into the nitty gritty to see if Salesforce, its tech, its products, and its solutions excite you, and then think of moving a step ahead.

  • Trailhead is a good learning tool from Salesforce. Trailhead is Salesforce’s gift for the entrants to Salesforce multiverse confirm Salesforce consulting partners. It’s fun, interactive, and a single source of learning. The more trailheads you complete the more you learn the better you are when you head for the job market. Trailheads revolve around modules. Every module has numerous different units, like lessons. Modules are slotted into trails. Trails are a grouping of modules that puts a user on a learning journey.

  • Internship with a Best Salesforce partner. Get wholesome experience working with licensed Salesforce consulting partners in your area. It can be a paid or free internship for a few months with Salesforce consulting partners. Your performance will determine whether the Salesforce consulting partners retain you or not. Give it your best. Be a sponge.

  • Salesforce certifications have no alternative to confirm Salesforce consulting partners. The last and most logical step in entering the salesforce industry is to get a certification.  The newly introduced Associate certificate is a good place to start for working with Salesforce consulting partners. Then depending upon your Salesforce career path – consultant, architect, admin, or developer, keep acquiring the certificates over the years and with increased experience & expertise.

Apply to if you have experience & certification in Salesforce in any role. Women are encouraged. No work-from-home. Delhi office only.


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Shalini Sharma

Shalini heads pre-sales and the Human Resource Department with a focus on building processes, with a people-centred approach.

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