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Enhanced ROI with Sales Cloud


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"The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but on significance — and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning." – Quote by American media Moghul Oprah Winfrey. 

As you might be aware the Sales cloud focuses on promoting the efficiency of the sales department leading to an upswing in sales & money generation. Its unique features enable the curation of a streamlined sales process, give access to end-to-end details of all clients / leads, and provide holistic client communication via multiple channels. With a vast pool of data on each lead / customer, engagement with relevant and personalised content is enabled. Valuable insights and data are easily available and utilised for strategic decision-making. This is a tool no sales team can overlook in its quest for glory 

The funnel stages are all about the journey of a person as a lead / opportunity upto conversion into a paying customer. The funnel allows various teams in a brand to connect and engage in a meaningful manner with every lead / opportunity to win them over and end up purchasing goods / services. By monitoring every stage in the funnel for every lead, the brand and the sales team (along with the help of other departments as no one can achieve anything in isolation) can nurture every opportunity, understand their issues and problems, and find personalised solutions & messaging to ensure customer delight. 

The Sales cloud being a magical tool for all sales personnel to use effectively to sell, cross-sell or up-sell is very advantageous for the sales funnel process & stages. It has so many benefits ( listed below separately ) that with its onboarding the sales team can improve their performance by as much as double. Let’s read about how the Sales cloud helps brands, sales team, and their sales funnels. 

These are the benefits of Sales Cloud: 

  • Handle accounts, contacts, and opportunities. 

  • Use CRM, pipeline, and sales prediction tools. 

  • Holistic data and analytics tools to make insightful decisions & remedial actions. 

  • Automation of workflows & processes for departments and deals. 

  • Engage with clients & leads in a personalised & focused manner leading to higher sales. 

  • 360 degree view of each lead & customer. 

  • Be active from any place and anytime.  No need to rush to the office. Remote working or late hours. 

  • Sales Cloud is compatible with a wide range of electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

In the end,  the Sales cloud with its ever-expanding of new features and functions keeps sales teams energised and enabled to perform optimally and add large chunks to the Return on Investment  (or ROI in short). Now isn’t that music to our ears?  Connect with us to know more about this cloud-based software.

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