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Professional Services Automation With Salesforce Ways And Benefits


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Professional Services companies are realising the value of various tech tools like Salesforce and how they play the role of catalysts. Professional services include lawyers, advertising professionals, architects, accountants, financial advisers, engineers, and so on. So instead of only on boarding digital tools related to their industries / domains, they are now seeking to reap the benefits of other tech tools such as Salesforce CRM and various cloud offerings.

Here are the ways to automate professional services via Salesforce:

  • Digitisation of the company’s daily calendar is the need of the hour and is achieved very well thanks to Salesforce. A digital, calendar is a must in every organisation as every employee has a multitude of tasks to be carried out daily yet office meetings and events require their presence / availability. Salesforce has a calendar feature that lets companies monitor meetings with customers, employees, manage events, and so on. Google calendar sync option with Salesforce is available to ensure that calendars are up to speed and correct.  Digitisation / automation of calendars means all information pertaining to meets & events is consolidated in one place, hence saving time and energy takes place. 

  • Time tracking of all employees is considered to be essential by company management.  Tools automating the same are plenty. However, what is needed is integration with your Salesforce CRM prevents time and energy wastage of employees who keep hopping between various mediums /tools. Automating time tracking and having all the relevant data parked consolidated helps management to track the time of employees to ensure maximum productivity. 
  • Enhance project management process.  Project management is a large part of many companies and their professional services. Automation of the project management process means parking all data in one place access to all stakeholders allowed and decision making more informed. Professional services automation via Salesforce enables companies to save time as tracking a project during its lifecycles and seeing the problems as they surface is now easy. With all data at hand, steps to reduce potential risks can be taken and mobilise the success of the projects. 

  • Documentation made easier. Digital documentation or cloud storage is here to stay and is the future. No more files or cabinets. Store all documentation with easy accessibility and collaboration. With Salesforce automates your document management and simplifies the lives of all concerned. Plus no more loss of files or deleting them accidentally. Whether there is a fire in the building or a shifting of locations, documents are safe and available to all. 

  • Client engagement accelerated.  Salesforce lets employees engage with customers quickly and easily through the different ways to track information. With customised field options such as email address, street address, phone numbers, clients can be accessed and engaged in mediums of their choice. Records of all communication are saved & scored for use and analysis. Customer satisfaction, delight, and loyalty is key to the success of all businesses and this is enhanced by CRM usage. 

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