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New Pardot Features - Winter 2022 Release


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Pardot latest features are set to be unveiled soon and here is a preview. So for all those in the mad hatter world of marketing, we present the exciting developments that will get your juices flowing. Here goes: 

  • Drag-And-Drop Landing Page Editor for Pardot. Yup the wait is over. The landing page builder will function as a components-based builder which includes blocks such as buttons, images, forms that will now be present. In contrast to the ‘Classic’ landing page builder, the new version will aid in aligning blocks, and brand customization simpler. 

Create landing pages inside the Lightning Experience. 

Users can begin with saved templates/select approved pictures from Salesforce CMS. 

Landing Page Source field: displays which LPs were built in the new experience/in Pardot Classic. 

  • Completion actions via an alert on Slack. Pardot completion actions will connect with Slack, to send messages to sales/marketing personnel when an important lead’s activity takes place.  This is how it will work:  The slack app will connect to Pardot, with a Slack connector in Pardot. Slack channels can be selected/deselected. This is followed by “Slack notification” appears as a completion action option. 

Note: This takes place in the beta version, which means you need to opt-in first (via Pardot settings). 

  • Use Lightning Experience Emails in Engagement Programs.  Users are now able to move emails built in the Lightning (drag-and-drop) email builder for use in the Engagement Studio programs. This addresses a lacuna that has existed since the latest email builder was first launched. For each Engagement Studio “send email” action, you can enter the campaign, sender, and reply-to settings to use. 

  • Make personalised Components for the Email Content Builder. Personalised components can lead to the creation of interesting content that holds people’s attention.  

  • Einstein Key Account Identification.  It uses Artificial Intelligence to reveal the leads with the greatest scope to buy within your Salesforce org. This new feature can be termed as Pardot Einstein Behavior Score at the account level (vs. the individual), and Pardot scores on steroids. Note:  These features are available on Pardot Advanced or Premium editions. 

  • Enhanced Pardot User Permissions. With the mailability updates, you will be happy to know that there are supplementary user permissions that allow admins and marketers to update prospect mailability.  

We hope you enjoyed our brief overview. If there is any topic you would like to see covered in our blogs, do let us know. We are happy to make your day. 

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