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As we step into 2024, we are all looking forward to the new trends & tips that will grab our attention and be a headliner. In today’s article, we look at some trends that will gain center stage this year. Let's see what they are.

The major sales trends in 2024 are:
  • Data protection wins trust. Clients want companies to value their privacy. This statement is shaping the sales universe. The majority of clients are giving data security top billing. Here are some ways companies are willing be do so in 2024 – informing clients and getting them to fill out a consent form, ensuring that the IT infrastructure and team are robust, and continuously learning within the organisation about data protection. Take all measures to win the hearts of leads says the firm providing Salesforce Implementation Services.

  • Automation of sales processes and workflows. The wastage of time, energy, and resources within the sales team thanks to manual inputs for mundane & repetitive tasks is crippling. Automation using Salesforce Sales Cloud via Salesforce Implementation Services which is a CRM tool for sales personnel is going to be a big trend this year. Companies will see the implementation of the Salesforce Sales Cloud via Salesforce Implementation Services in a big way as they see the myriad advantages. This automation will be a game changer, so firms small and big need to invest in tech that works for them.

  • Social selling. This is going to be a big trend as companies have got into this game. It’s almost a mandate. Engaging with audiences on social channels and keeping them happy / connected with the right strategies. The focus on leveraging social media will be big in 2024.

  • Data-led selling to be leveraged. Unifying data collation is essential for data-driven selling. The information from various channels is collected in a single repository, like a CRM and Salesforce Implementation Services, for easier analysis. Regular monitoring & modifications based on the latest data keep the sales strategy in sync with the changing market dynamics. Sales teams need to have a tool in place to store, manage, and make sense of this data. This way data-based strategies and plans work.

  • Videos. The era of short videos/reels about the products or services is here. Videos have an impact text and pictures don’t. Many companies are now going to churn out more videos as promotional material. This year, use video and say bye to long text content to showcase your goods. Tip – Use the word “video” in your subject line to gain traction and open clicks on emails.

  • Omnichannel and customised experiences. Each company will have a range of channels to enable buyers to choose their medium of choice. Brands will provide consistency in client experience, irrespective of channel. Businesses will offer the choice of alternating between different channels without data loss, for a smooth client experience. To get to a good stage, playing with different distribution & purchase channels is the way to go.

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