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For a business to grow, new leads are the bursts of oxygen to keep the company afloat. New lead hunting can be a daunting challenge for many. To assist you with this delicate hunt, we as Salesforce Consulting Partners have compiled some unique ways to win over new leads who become long-haul customers. Each drop contributes to the growth of a business, don’t neglect any potential source of leads.

Here are some ways to locate new leads for your business as per Salesforce Consulting Partners:

Social media groups. Get active on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook groups where prospective clients congregate. Join existing conversations, be helpful, show respect, and answer queries. Win the social media challenge say Salesforce Consulting Partners

Start contributing as a guest writer to industry publications (print or virtual) which gives you a platform to showcase your knowledge, presence, and expertise to many. This is what we do as Salesforce Consulting Partners.

Cold calling. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this system which is present on a large scale in India works at times. I have used the services of a health diagnostic service provider simply because they were persistent with their calls and I was keen on a health review, for a long time. Their cold call worked and they got business even if it wasn’t much in the form of money.

Local business networks. If you are a business that is dependent on local business mostly, then it would be ideal to get active with local business networks such as chambers of commerce and so on. 

Referrals. One of the biggest sources of new leads is referrals from happy customers who act as brand ambassadors. Ask them to spread the word and if they are happy with your service, they would need only a bit of nudging to do the needful.

Existing clients. Value your current client base and be the best in client engagement to keep them loyal and coming back for more.

Business events. Attend these events as a participant in the beginning to understand the vibes. If you like what you see, you can always go for stalls or try to get entry as a speaker on a panel discussion or sponsor an event, if you have the budget for it say Salesforce Consulting Partners.

Past clients. It's always good to keep in touch with former clients, through mediums of their choice such as emails or social media platforms. Just keep them in the loop with any new services, products, or improvements so that they come back as and when.

Social media platforms. Social media is where everyone young is spending more time so it’s ideal to source new clients. Keep posts engaging, relevant, informative, and with striking images/videos. Contact us for more information as Salesforce Consulting Partners

Community social initiatives. Participate actively in local community work or volunteer with NGOs that will help you, and the causes you support. More people are willing to engage with businesses that are giving back to society at large confirm Salesforce Consulting Partners.

These are just some ways whereas a business owner you can source new leads to expand your business. If you have other pointers, do share them with us – the leading Salesforce Consulting Partners.


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