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As a mandate by Salesforce Inc. to spread the good word about the company and its expanding multiverse, Codleo – one of the premier Salesforce Consulting Partners, undertakes a series of activities every year – blogs, social media posts, live webinars, and live corporate marketing events. This year to kick start 2024, we decided to do one such live corporate marketing event and named it appropriately Jet-Set January Event. Even though January this year has been quite a cold fest, we as Salesforce Consulting Partners decided to warm the hearts of corporates in the NCR – Delhi region with our event, which showcased the best of AI, Data, and CRM.

The theme of this event was – AI, Data, and CRM. The trio proving invaluable for corporates seeking to be future-ready to overcome stiff competition and business challenges in the years to come. The hotel selected for this path-breaking event was the understated Hotel Four Points ( by Sheraton Group ) located strategically between Delhi and Gurgaon on National Highway 48.  The invitees were an eclectic mix of leadership/management of corporations from different industries as diverse as health and financial services. We were delighted to see a large turnout on the chilly evening of 19th January with professionals curious to know more, network, and enjoy fine dining & drinks.

The event was kicked off by the chirpy hostess of the evening who guided the proceeding by calling on the ladies present to light the auspicious lamp, as is a Codleo tradition for years. With the warm glow of the lamp spreading light in the hall, Codleo MD Mr. Ravinder Singh Maan welcomed all delegates with his opening remarks. He was followed by Salesforce Account Director Mr. Goswami who spoke on Salesforce, with a live demo engagement by the top brass of Codleo, which was interactive, engaging, and informative. The formal proceedings of the evening ended with a vote of thanks by Mr. Maan and rewarding Mr. Tarun Gupta with the latest model of Alexa as the winner of Codleo’s LinkedIn social media live contest.

Next, the delegates mingle with the teams of Salesforce and Codleo - Salesforce Consulting Partners while nibbling on delectable munchies and enjoying spirits in a spirited evening of learning and bonhomie. Everyone networked, sought information, and proceeded for a lavish dinner buffet spread of fusion dishes, ending with sweet treats like Gajar ka halwa. As one of the premier Salesforce Consulting Partners, We thanked all the delegates for sparing their valuable time, with a small token of our appreciation in the form of a goodies bag, that was welcomed by all.

We are thankful to Team Salesforce for attending the evening and taking it to the next level. The hardworking team of Codleo - Salesforce Consulting Partners, came together to put together this unforgettable evening, as well as the team from the hotel.  The theme of the evening was well received by all delegates and it’s a pertinent theme that no company can ignore at their peril.

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