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Is Salesforce Appropriate For Project Management


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“Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.” – Quote by Joy Gumz

If you are in project management domain and looking at Salesforce to handle the same, then this blog is for you. As we know, Salesforce does not come with organic 100% project management functionality. Not to be disappointed, let's look at the options present in the Salesforce universe on this topic.

Basic project management features. If your overall requirements are rudimentary such as monitoring the work of employees as well as collaborating with small teams, then one does not need to look beyond Salesforce. However, these features are no solution for the focussed project management apps like Codleo's very own ProjecLeo, but with small teams and minor task requirements, it is good enough.

External Project management apps. As the need escalate in companies with time, then one needs to move to project apps present in the market such as Microsoft Project, Asana,, Smartsheet, etc. These are terrific tools / apps outside the Salesforce universe.  And yes, they can be integrated with your Salesforce CRM using API or third-party apps. However, The data is parked external of Salesforce which causes its own security risks. To integrate etc, the services of an experienced partner like Codleo Consulting is needed for a smooth integration and support. There are costs involved obviously to ensure that everything syncs to work for you.

Salesforce-native Project Management Apps on AppExchange. A viable option for consideration is project management apps that are native to Salesforce and are available on AppExchange. These include Inspire Planner, TaskRay, Mission Control, Milestones PM+, and others.

Listed below are some reasons to onboard Salesforce-native Project Management Apps present in AppExchange:

  • Integration issues. Since it is built on Salesforce tech, there are no integration requirements when it comes to both standard and custom objects within Salesforce. It also infers that all PM software updates are in sync with the newest Salesforce releases and latest functionalities.

  • Flexibility. Apps built on Salesforce tech can be personalised in a myriad way just the way you or your company wants it. The same maybe achieved by adding personalised objects and fields, workflow rules, and so on.

  • Get an end to end view of all clients. Each member in the project gets A to Z insight into the client in real - time and has access to information in the form of reports & dashboards.

  • Security. All information is securely hosted internally in Salesforce, and it abides by the company's present security settings and sharing rules.

A reliable and great PM app is ProjecLeo where A to Z of project management is included.  Native to Salesforce, It is your one stop shop for all PM requirements. For details on Projecleo app, contact us today for a demo. Time to make PM a piece of cake.

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