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Interaction Studio A Marketing Powerhouse


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Earlier called Evergage, Interaction Studio is a part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud that lets marketing personnel track every client's journey, comprehend their unique requirements at every step of the way, and provide indivualised services when required. The studio connects you with clients at the buying stage and hand - hold them from being leads to clients to loyal clients along the way. It lets you monitor the actions of the leads or clients at any point in time and connect with them at various touchpoints, wowing them with an indivualised shopping experience. 

Interaction Studio leverages machine learning to provide advanced analytics associated with actions performed by clients (pre and post engagement with you). It enables you to help them when required as well as most relevant/appropriate purchases. Indivualised shopping experiences are provided by this platform. With such a degree of personalisation,  they feel like monarchs as if the entire marketing department is there to service them. This is the right way to serve and woo leads & clients in a highly competitive market like India. 

The uses and benefits of Interaction studio are:

The tool lets the marketing department analyse specific issues of all leads & clients in real-time. This enables the company to provide right answers/solutions when required which in turn leads to better bonds with the clients. The studio gives users / the company holistic information on client problems and possible answers that they are looking for. In a nutshell, it improves your communication and success rate with clients.

Interaction Studio allows you to keep an eye on the activities your customers perform on your website or portal before they reach out to you for support. This provides you with enough context about where your customers are coming from and the details of their issue.

Interaction Studio allows you to monitor the activities your clients do on the website/portal before they connect for help. This gives brands enough history of each person as well as the issues faced by them.

Interaction Studio lets the company to individualise its content and show only that is relevant to the lead/client based on their browsing history. Thus, if a client enters a portal, they can be directed to what they need/searched instead of scrolling through scores of irrelevant information. Plus, the reams of information available to you by the Salesforce CRM platform is useful for formulating focused marketing plans and reaping the fruits of it.

As the competition thickens in every domain, its tools like these that provide the edge that everyone so desperately needs to thrive. Tools like these should be onboarded as early as possible so that your company rules the roost thanks to its expanding digital portfolio.

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