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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Quote by Late Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa. 

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” – This old proverb highlights the importance of education in our lives and the power of transformation in the fortunes of communities and countries. We have seen how education (kindergarten to post-graduation and doctoral) has been the one tool in changing the fortunes of marginalized and deprived sections of the community. For example, the tribes of Central India and the nomadic communities of the Himalaya. using Salesforce Education Cloud has played a stellar role in the domain of education and retaining students even during adverse times. Education Cloud as we have discovered in a previous blog is the world’s leading CRM’s contribution to the field of higher education and make it as smooth as silk experience for the students, the college management, and the administration. Its role is offering the students a seamless experience in all aspects, attract the best talent and retain them to rival institutes.

As we all expect from Salesforce, it is constantly adding and revamping its products to make them more relevant and all our lives easier. In this blog, we shall mention some of the new innovations that Salesforce has introduced to the education cloud such as Salesforce Advisor Link Pathways, Salesforce Advisor Link Queue Management, Improving admission experience, Salesforce Advisor Link for Onboarding.

Salesforce Advisor Link Pathways - This provides counsel to ensure that every enrolled student remains on course to graduate from the institute. It can be used for managing program plans and plan requirements so students and advisors work together to create a defined roadmap to success.

Salesforce Advisor Link Queue Management - Salesforce Advisor Link reinforces front office and appointment management with queuing and check-in. It streamlines office duties by logging walk-ins into a queue and delegating them to the next available counselor. It aids counselors to manage cases by showing a centralized view of requests and empowering them to effortlessly check-in the students without manual handoffs.

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Improving admission experience – It has added new application and test score objects to EDA (Education Data Architecture) to supercharge K-20 recruitment and admissions. Institutes of higher learning can use these objects on EDA's standard data model

Student Enjoying innovation of salesforce Education Cloud

Salesforce Advisor Link for Onboarding – This addition aims to optimize yield management, reduce drop outs, and ensure that every enrolled student is geared to succeed from day 1. By removing risks of transition from K-12 to colleges, every student can be put on the road to success with a connected and curated pre-advising experience.

With these innovations and additions such as the K-12 Architecture Kit, colleges, and universities can overall improve the experience of students. Engagement and outreach with prospects and their families, students, and alumni is personalized and more connected. Thus one can gain an advantage over other colleges in attracting the best talent and retaining the same.

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