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Knowledge transfer enables higher adoption


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“As an instructor, you must be able to distinguish between poor performance caused by lack of ability or aptitude on the part of the student and poor performance caused by lack of effort. You should treat the first with patience and the latter with firmness. You must never apply sarcasm and ridicule. “ – Quote by martial arts legend, Bruce Lee.

Trainers or teachers are the mediums of success for all of us. Teachers in schools, professors in colleges, and trainers in courses impart their valuable knowledge and skills in helping us master different phases of our learning & academic life. In this blog, we shall examine the importance of Salesforce trainers (who work with vendor companies like Codleo Consulting ) and the role they play in the adoption of CRM by brands & businesses of all shapes & sizes. Let's read and get to know the same.

Here are some ways how a trainer impacts the adoption of Salesforce by the users of a company:

  • Knowledge. Trainers with vast experience and knowledge of Salesforce, its features, solutions, and details convey the same to the trainees. Thus, empowering the users to gain valuable knowledge and be productive. There are bound to be specific queries or concern by the employees who is a novice or general trainer cannot address. It has to be an experienced Salesforce trainer, who is able to address all users during the training. 

  • Practical training. Training on salesforce goes beyond theories. It has to involve hands–on training with real-life examples and case studies to make theories seem relatable. This aspect of training is provided by trained & certified Salesforce trainers who have personal experience as users themselves. It's only when a person has personal experience is he/she able to convey it better during these practical sessions. 

  • Communication.  Trainers imparting Salesforce Training in India is able to communicate the technicalities etc with élan and simplicity. As a result, all misgivings and negativity that intended users (ie. Employees) may have with tech solutions are removed. As a result, adoption rates are good, and the deployment goes as per plan. 

Salesforce Training in India by trainers is the key to the success of the tool and its impact on businesses. Codleo foundation provides Free Salesforce Training for deserving youngsters who wish to change their lives & professional career.

About the Author

Anand Sharma

Anand is a Salesforce Evangelist, joined the Salesforce ecosystem in 2014 helping customers to be successful with Salesforce, and joined Codleo to share the goodness with even more developers all around the world. He is based in New Delhi, with his wife, and he tries to escape summers every chance he gets.

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