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Salesforce Pardot is the digital tool that marketing teams have relied upon worldwide in the past few years. It has proved its worth in gold hence its demand across companies is on the rise. For them to gain their money’s worth, it's imperative that they optimize their knowledge/work on this super tool.  Let's find out how you and other marketers find the magic key to success with Pardot and Salesforce partners

Salesforce Pardot best practices as per Best Salesforce partners: 
  1. Use the data in the prospect form to curate personalized marketing for each lead across channels such as websites, emails, landing pages, and so on. This is useful for robust client engagement to reveal the SFDC partners

  2. Start profiling leads as you learn more about them via data and engagement. This is setting the base for micro-personalized content that will prove to be beneficial.  

  3. Don’t ignore leads if they are not becoming paying clients. Have patience. Constant engagement with personalized & relevant content will pay a dividend in the long run.  

  4. Go beyond the focus on leads becoming clients. Treat every “first form fill out” as a step in the lead conversion process. This is important say Salesforce Partners

Observe lead engagement to maximize campaigns. With Salesforce Pardot, the marketing team gets visibility & insights into a lead’s engagement in all marketing channels to strategize the future steps and to conclude the ROI on inbound marketing campaigns. Here is how marketing people use Salesforce Pardot to enhance & analyze lead engagement as per the Best Salesforce partners

Engagement history dashboard: Study & imagine the important engagement information like top-performing assets or most connected leads using the intuitive reporting dashboard located within Account & Campaign records on Salesforce Pardot. Users can customize the dashboard view to gain insights related to Campaign, Account, Contact, or Opportunity records and strategize the next steps. Internal AI engine: The information within the Engagement history dashboard is pushed into Pardot Einstein, Pardot’s internal AI engine. Users get access to scores & insights on the most connected leads & robust campaigns. Discover which leads are the most likely to become paying customers. Optimize campaign assets and discover new audiences say Best Salesforce partners

Optimize Google organic results to fuel a large number of qualified conversions. As SEO is mainly an inbound marketing channel, the marketing team can curate a robust keyword strategy with Salesforce Pardot to Add a particular keyword to discover its monthly search volume, cost per click (CPC), & ranking issues. Add many keywords and monitor them together thanks to the bulk import option on Pardot. Monitor the list of keywords and their SEO metrics such as ranking on various search engines, Google monthly search volume, Google CPC, ranking challenges, and so on. 

To obtain maximum benefits from Salesforce Pardot, it's essential to have a clear strategy in place. This includes defining your target audience, creating engaging content, setting up effective lead scoring and nurturing campaigns, and integrating Pardot with your CRM system. It's also important to regularly monitor and analyze your Pardot data to identify areas for improvement and optimize your campaigns. Working with a Salesforce consulting partner can provide valuable guidance and expertise to help you get the most out of your Salesforce Pardot implementation and achieve your marketing goals.

With the above steps, any marketer can gain maximum “juice "from their Pardot. For more information on how Pardot can be your best buddy, get in touch with Codleo - Salesforce Platinum Partner today. 


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Akansha is a Digital Consultant having rich experience in Organic as well as Paid Marketing, Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Email Marketing and also in Social Media Management. Her main forte is to help you grow your business through strategy and planning.

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