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Sales is the department that is mandated to bring the bread and butter for the entire company. Without a robust sales department that is geared up to handle the challenges of the modern era, it’s tough for businesses to grow & thrive in today’s challenging landscape. And for this to happen, businesses must concentrate on improving their sales productivity. But how do you define sales productivity? In this blog, we look at 4 ways to optimise the sales team for their continued success. Let’s read and find out what these 4 ways are.

Here is how you can optimise the productivity of your sales personnel:
  1. Set goals for every day – Setting doable daily goals ensures progress is achieved and the concerned sales team is motivated. When setting these daily goals, companies must factor in variables such as workload & availability of personnel — to allow the sales team to work and be successful. Plus, it’s vital to have systems that track the team’s progress as the buck stops with them.  Measurable metrics can include the total volume of calls, emails sent, or total sales. It’s also a great practice to provide feedback about anything and everything, and regular meet-ups (daily is ideal) so everyone can share and be motivated. Celebrate the wins, and motivate when someone needs the much-needed pick-me-up!

  2. Generate “ hot “ or top-quality prospects - Generating top-quality prospects enables sales departments to filter their basket of leads and devote energy to those who are most likely to become paying customers. This allows the team to focus more time and attention on the actual sales process. The team can nurture top-quality leads and have a higher % of win rate.

  3. Enhance the team onboarding & training experience - If a company does not have a robust onboarding and training program, sales teams take a long duration to reach full productivity. On the other hand, if a business invests in robust policies, processes, and so on then the sales team begins its journey to success faster and with a higher strike rate.

  4. Synchronisation between sales and marketing teams – Both teams are like the left and right hands of the body. Both need to be coordinated and work together. Their collaboration results in valuable insight that both teams can use to their company’s advantages and growth story. A sure short way to align them is to unify them via a customer relationship management tool or simply a CRM tool. This way everyone has access to the same data all the time. No silos. Teams are on the same page and are “ in the know of what’s happening  “.

A great tech tool companies are using for the teams such as the sales department is, a versatile use with many features and functions. Try it for success. Call us for a brief discovery session. Join the likes of Canva and Lusha, the big names using it to their delight & success.


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