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Volunteering provides work opportunities


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“I believe no amount of business school training or work experience can teach what is ultimately a matter of personal character. Businesses are not dishonest or greedy, people are. Thus, a business, successful or not, is merely a reflection of the character of its leadership. “ – Quote by S. Truett Cathy.

The dilemma faced by most youngsters after completing their studies / graduation etc is of bagging a job, gaining a foothold or the first rung in the job market. Unfortunately, as we all find out to our consternation, all companies (big or small) are looking for experience. Very few companies are willing to invest their resources in freshers and train them for a limited period as interns. It is the typical dilemma whether the “chicken came first or the egg” as companies want experience and no one is born with experience. It has to be obtained with companies who have an open heart.

For those seeking to make Salesforce their career, we have assembled a few points on how to get relevant experience without getting a job.  Read all about it.

Volunteer opportunities with NGOs – A good way to get work experience is to volunteer with an NGO close to your area, in a cause close to your heart.  Since NGOs are stretched wide for funds, volunteering is the way forward. It’s a good way to get experience, the starting point of your professional network, hone your skills, and help a cause close to you. Your stint in the NGO can be burnished on your LinkedIn profile as well as on your resume. Volunteering can be done up to 6 months so that you gain some life & work skills. Contact many NGOs for volunteering opportunities and personalise each cover letter to show your interest & enthusiasm.

Undertaking sample projects – Taking up and completing sample projects is an excellent way to demonstrate your skills and showcase your value to get the much-needed experience.  A successful project completion gives you additional brownie points over others competing for the same jobs.  It also makes you confident and ace job interviews. Its best to undertake such real – world projects with other likeminded people who can be found on LinkedIn or the Salesforce Trailblazer Community. It’s important to put your own personal mark on these projects. Let there be a distinct value that you bring to the table and can showcase during job interviews.

Superbadges - It collates the regular quizzes and hands-on practical challenges, with a use case and tricky business challenge. Here you after to understand each challenge and then come up / propose a viable solution for it. These Superbadges are stimulating, and although Trailhead leads you to the answers, they are still a great addition to your resume. Superbadges is a time tested method to burnish your skills in the Salesforce Universe and bring them up in job conversations.

The above ways are sure shot ways of gaining experience needed to crack Salesforce job interviews which are rising exponentially especially in emerging markets like India. If experience is what the HR departments are looking for, provide them the same with our above suggestions.

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Nikhil Mathur

Nikhil is a Project Manager, 3x Certified Salesforce Consultant with almost 4 years of Salesforce and rich onsite experience from working with multiple offshore clients. Out of the office, he finds thrill in biking and adventure sports.

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