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Selecting a project management tool is tough


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Businesses seeking to onboard a PM tool for their teams are spoilt for choice as so many are currently available in the market. So how do you know which is right for you? Tough call to make, right? To help our growing community, we have put together some handy tips that guide you in the right direction. 

Evaluation of different apps is based on the following criteria: 

  • User Interface (UI) - The ideal project management app mandates a UX that updates constantly, can be personalized based on client needs, and organizes communication processes. Users should be able to identify & use collaboration functionalities simply, irrespective of the complexities involved. Features like a drag-and-drop interface, fields that can be personalised, and an interactive board view are bonuses. 

  • User friendly - Project teams are always running against the clock unfortunately as they have many moving parts, therefore their PM app should be very user-friendly with a support department that is available around the clock.  A good PM app offers a vast gamut of knowledge options such as tutorials, webinars, whitepapers, and so on. It sets a good app apart from the many in the market. 

  • Integration capabilities with other tech tools. For any tech tool to do well, it must be easily integrated with the various other tools in the tech stack of a business. These include tools such as Google Drive and Microsoft Excel to name two. 

  • Value for money spent. Is the app worth the money spent in terms of features & capabilities?  Is the app available across all platforms that exist such as android, iOS, and MAC? Will it still be user-friendly when your company scales and needs to increase users and features etc? This is where boutique PM apps like ProjecLeo (native to the world’s premier CRM tool) have an edge over others. Made for small and medium-sized industries it is scalable and easy to use. Just the tool needed for businesses with a budget as well. 

Important features a good PM app must have: 

  • Automation of workflows and processes. This is a basic necessity yet a very vital one. Most time spent on doing manual work/tasks can be done away with these tools/apps. Hence the team members can spend their valuable work hours on important tasks/assignments that need their attention. 

  • Task lists with priorities listed. The right PM app will be able to organize and show tasks based on priorities and dependencies. This way everything can run smoothly without any hiccups along the way. 

  • Project planning templates – The app comes with a range of templates that can be used by users to launch new projects, as and when needed. 

  • Time management functionality - Monitor the timelines of each member of the project and view team timesheets within the app. 

  • Workspace personalisation – The app should be highly customizable so that each team/person can make it unique for themselves and their needs. Isn’t that important? 

If you are managing projects for your business and wish to onboard a super yet economical PM app, look no further. ProjecLeo with its features, functionalities, and capabilities is just what the doctor ordered for your business. Get in touch with us today for a free demo with the team who designed it.

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