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Projects of any shape, size, and nature do come with complexities and moving parts. In this blog, we examine in detail the important reasons for proper management of projects with the services of a nodal professional known as a project manager. At the end of this blog, you will realise the difference played in projects by proper management 

Listed below are the top reasons for project management: 

  • Project planning can take place in a practical way. As we in this blog series have stressed repeatedly that the importance of planning can never be diminished or ignored. Unfortunately, businesses without a proper thought process and planning wrongly assume how fast the project will be completed successfully or the costs involved. Both these are disastrous for the project and the business concerned. A fine & talented project manager looks at things holistically and sets practical and achievable objectives, costs, and timelines. Projects can be derailed even before being green lighted without special handling & management. The nodal officer known as the project manager coordinates with all relevant teams to comprehend objectives & priorities. This is the genesis of the crucial project plan. 

  • Transparent focus and project goals. Projects fail as they are not clear in their intended outcomes / objectives. The assigned project manager helps companies by zeroing in on their priorities and goals. If project management is not bought into play then teams get confused leading to cost escalation, missed timelines, and chaos at the end of the day. A fine project manager keeps an eagle eye on all moving parts so that the project stays on track at all times. 

  • Aligning projects and strategy of the company. This is one of the top reasons for the adoption of project management and appointing a project manager. Project management is the pilot of the company’s strategy. If this is not being utilized in the company’s plans then an important way to grow is lost. As project managers oversee the start to finish of a project, they keep the project’s end objectives, tasks, and milestones in sync with the company’s strategy. Strategic alignment in all aspects of the project ensures all stakeholders are on the same page and the company benefits from various steps taken. 

  • Save the company’s expenses. Project management lowers the overall project costs by enhancing efficiency, removing risks, and optimizing resources. The company gains financially in the long run with the help of project management ( and project manager ). Who does not want to see the finances be strong in a company? 

  • The overall quality of the project. This is a vital part of project management. Even if the project sticks to the budget and timelines, the quality is not maintained then the project has no value to anyone. Strict deadlines can lead to rushed jobs which lead to compromise in the quality of work. The leadership of a project manager averts such situations. Project managers define deliverables & their quality standards so everyone knows what to work and aim for. 

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