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One of the expensive acquisitions of Salesforce Inc over the years has been that of the collaboration tool Slack. It's deployed using Salesforce Integration Services and linked to for making life at work a piece of cake. It's a great productivity tool and we are here to tell you how it saves time for your team members and the business.

Below are listed the ways Slack is saving time for businesses as per companies providing Salesforce Integration Services:
  1. Be organised via Slack channels. One of Slack’s top features is that all your posts remain on Slack. They are always going to remain on the platform. With channels, people and data come together to exchange ideas, plan and strategise, as well as keep departments in sync. Be organised at work courtesy of Slack and Codleo’s Salesforce Integration Services. Create innumerable slack channels (whether it was for your customer service team or marketing honchos #marketing-team or #client-service-team), invite the relevant staff to join, and post vital stuff, documents, and updates to the channel. Using team channels for all forms of communication such as status updates or deadline reminders. In place of weekly status meeting, users can set up an automatic workflow that asks team members to post quick status updates. In the new Slack Clips feature, users record and post audio, video, and screen clips to communicate with stakeholders, regardless of time zone or geography. Users leverage clips to exchange ideas & updates.

  2. Huddles make way for team meetings. No more being slave to endless work calls, especially for remote or hybrid mode team members. Life doesn’t have to be about jumping from one call to another. With Slack, lower the volume of team meetings, while still being on the same page at all times. With a single click, open an audio connection in a channel, and people can join in for a brief chat. With lightweight video, multi-person screen-share capabilities and so on, employees can work in huddles just as they would do if working from a physical building together. Conversations are stored in fixed, searchable threads so any person recently added to a channel / team can have access to its history and be up to speed. Integrate with your Salesforce org with our Salesforce Integration Services

  3. Schedule messages.  Scheduling messages to deliver in the future ( set date and time )  is a great way to maintain peace and calm in mind & at work. Know that your announcement, meeting agenda, or other important message will be delivered to the team right on time, even if you’ll be handling something else or away from the screen at the time. How many Slack users knew this? I didn’t for sure. See the surprise element as one delves into the detailing of a handy tech tool like Slack. Now users can schedule messages and move on to other tasks.

Above are the ways Slack is saving time for employees of businesses, small or big. Businesses realise that a tool of communication & collaboration like Slack is needed to make their employees productive as well as save time and energy. We are proud users of Slack and loving it. Should we do the same for you and your company via our Salesforce Integration Services?


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