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Salesforce with NGOs – partners in progress


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“To a social worker working for other is not a job, it is a joy.” ―  Quote by Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words. 

Salesforce has always batted for NGOs whether it is with discounted pricing for acquiring licenses, came up with the famous 1% pledge and launching products focused on the NGO sector. In this blog, we look at how Salesforce and Salesforce Consulting Partners help NGOs in their work. 

Listed below are some ways Salesforce & Salesforce Consulting Partners are helping NGOs in their quest: 

  • Connecting with different stakeholders. The software is allowing the staff employed in the main office ( or branch offices ) to engage in a more meaningful manner. This is a very important aspect of NGOs and their functioning. They can have informed conversations with donors, volunteers, government officials and anyone else they need to be in engaged with. More NGOs are realising the value of this and are onboarding Salesforce CRM for multiple departments.  

  • Centralised data for connected office. Now thanks to Salesforce, the entire office is connected. There are no more silos between departments. Everyone has access to the same information in real – time and can collaborate for success.  The days of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing is over say Salesforce Consulting Partners. 

  • Fundraising innovation. Raising funds is always and will be the biggest cause of concern for any NGO especially the small / grass roots ones. They depend on funds raised for most of their needs and work. With Salesforce by their side, they are able to leverage the many tools & features to effectively solicit funds from different donors. A link between fundraising efforts and accounting systems are being used to form strategy. Forward thinking NGOs are tearing down silos between Accounts and fundraising to do away with manual reporting and have clear lines of communication throughout the organisation. Be smart in fund raising with Salesforce Consulting Partners. 

  • It acts as a fuel in the engagement process of the NGO. The three ways that NGOs are doing it are by using social media, text messages and marketing automation. Salesforce powers the engagement using different mediums so that they can have focused engagement that delivers results. People now expect making donation to NGOs to be a simple affair. With just the 1-2 clicks of the mouse reveal Salesforce Consulting Partners. They expect the same kind of easy payment process as it is with companies such as Amazon Prime or Flipkart. 

  • KPIs to gauge performance. Using Salesforce’s reports and dashboards has enabled NGOs to take stock of their work, their shortcomings and how they can work better. They can use the real – time data to take stock and prepare remedial actions if things are not going their way. Contact Salesforce Consulting Partners to deploy Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud for your NGO. 

To many who think NGOs don’t need a valuable tech stack, the above listed pointers have obviously dispelled any wrong notion.  Salesforce Consulting Partners like Codleo assist NGOs with free Salesforce implementation as part of their social commitment. 


About the Author

Shalini Sharma

Shalini heads pre-sales and the Human Resource Department with a focus on building processes, with a people-centred approach.

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