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Energise Your Pardot With These Apps


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Pardot marketing tool is a robust ally for all marketing personnel with its much strength. The usefulness and test of its capabilities come into play when regarding new channels and strategies. In this blog, we are addressing this very topic. Let's read about them and their features and so on.

Email Digest for Pardot – This app provides a once a week email that compresses the entire activity of your Pardot. This is a useful app as you get to see your entire week’s activity in one brief shot. This summarisation is useful for not only you but also other stakeholders such as the management or Salesforce admin / vendor as well as the content marketing team as it provides them the information they may need / want. The following information is available as all types of email statistics, lead activity including new leads & form submissions, and importantly week on week comparison.

Vidyard - It is a web based video platform for companies with prospect generation and engagement tracking as its primary focus. It stores information on who has watched your videos and the duration of the same.  If a lead has watched a % of the duration of the video content put out, then it is an indication that they are interested in your content. Vidyard for Salesforce allows users to record, access, share, and customise video content. It’s an app that’s mostly focused on one-to-one sales to prospect engagement but certainly has a value add for marketers to get excited about. Vidyard has a component available for the Lightning email builder, which you can drag & drop onto the email canvas. With the information all pouring into Salesforce, you may use standard Salesforce reports & dashboards to view video engagement at a higher level to identify trends.

Traction Complete Leads – It handles prospect Account matching, and also automatically merge identical prospects, use custom link criteria, and so on – all done via an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface

6sense Sales Intelligence – This app goes through your information base to identify the intent to buy. It boasts over 80% accuracy in its predictions. The tool provides inbound / outbound actions that can propel the company’s marketing campaigns, based on an account-based marketing approach, zeroing in on the leads that are ready to purchase & the main individuals in each account. Furthermore, you are synced with the sales team with all on the same page.

Transcend - People (leads and clients) can access a control panel / privacy center which lets them be in control of their data. Both people and internal users gain, making data rights/requests — like eliminating information— smoother for businesses to complete without forgetting any platforms in their tech stack. 

We hope an insight briefly into these wonderful apps will give you the power to choose to onboard the same for more productivity and efficiency. We hope you had a safe and pleasant Diwali with your loved ones. Till we meet again. Cheers.

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