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“The ability to take data – to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualise it, to communicate it – is going to be a hugely important skill in the next decades.”  - Quote by Hal Varian, Chief Economist, Google.

The latest cloud-based product or tool that Salesforce Inc. has on offer is Data Cloud. Announced recently, it is a hyperscale data tool native to Salesforce and deployed via Salesforce Consulting firms. It allows users and businesses to activate their client data in different Salesforce apps with Data Cloud. Enable concerned departments to engage clients, at every touchpoint, thanks to meaningful insights & contextual data in the flow of work. Data Cloud is growing exponentially and is setting a benchmark for a Salesforce-created product says a Salesforce Consulting firm.  It addresses the issue of data that has been a sore point for a long since the launch of the CRM. A recent study shows that the average company has a multitude of systems and tools – so an enterprise-scale company has manifold, and so on. With many systems, identity resolution is a problem confirms a Salesforce Consulting firm

Data Cloud is the base that improves the connectivity between the many clouds across the platform clarifies Codleo - Salesforce Consulting firm. And Data Cloud can also be bought as a product. While many Salesforce clients do not possess licensed Data Cloud, they can still benefit from Data Cloud to an extent – but this becomes robust with Data Cloud as a customisation & information unification base. Data Cloud is quite an impressive product for businesses to invest in elaborates a Salesforce Consulting firm. It may seem to some as an expensive product, but purchasing an information warehouse, forging a star schema, and shelling out for continuous compute storage, it would work more expensive in the long run as compared to the price of Data Cloud. Also, data harmonization achieves its purpose when CRM data is centerpiece.

How is the Data Cloud different?

Industry-specific data models: Thanks to Salesforce Industries and a Salesforce Consulting firm, Companies can use data models & processes built for specific industry needs – therefore, Salesforce delivers Data Cloud capabilities to many different industries. This incorporates taking care of extra objects in the Data Model, regulatory compliance, and the spectrum of many apps within domains.

Prompt engineering: With synchronised information via the Salesforce database, businesses can use their data for generative AI. Users using the information using prompts can be applied to many cases. Therefore, Salesforce has made users happy with Prompt Studio, which enables admins to build templates for user prompts, revamping prompts from sentences to buttons. This enhances the output that the user requires by minimising human variation.

Einstein Trust Layer: A trust layer is focused on concerns over using generative AI, such as where information is kept when it’s sent to a large language model also known as LLM. Important features incorporate zero Data Retention and feedback Store.

If you are looking for a state-of-the-art solution for data management, its time to call us and onboard the data cloud. We as a Salesforce Consulting partner are standing by to share more details with you.

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Anand is a Salesforce Evangelist, joined the Salesforce ecosystem in 2014 helping customers to be successful with Salesforce, and joined Codleo to share the goodness with even more developers all around the world. He is based in New Delhi, with his wife, and he tries to escape summers every chance he gets.

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