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Data as we all know is the magic key to a company’s success. The amount of data being or should be collected can run into gigabytes daily depending on the size of the company.  This amount of data needs to be filtered and cleaned to be able to be of use to a company and its intended objectives. Volumes of raw and unfiltered data are just adding to the chaos, and the mechanism for cleaning on a regular basis is de rigeur. 

The benefits of data cleansing are: 

  • Enhanced client acquisition. With clean data by the side of a company, they can make accurate lists of prospective clients. Thus, the work of the marketing team becomes easier as they have the right data to target potential clients and convert them into clients. 

  • Better decision making is enabled. All companies get insights from the mass of data and use them to draw up plans and strategies. With clean data, decision making does not go down the wrong path. Clear cut strategies based on accurate data empowers a company like no other way. 

  • Employees are more productive. Poor data in offices leads to concerned team members wasting time with non – productive leads/prospects. Thus, with clean data, the team can focus on real-time potential clients, instead of barking up the wrong tree and wasting time.

  • The ways to obtain clean data: 

  • Do a data audit. Begin the process by looking at various sources from where you get the data. Look at the input fields at each source of data, and modify them to seek only relevant data as per company needs.  

  • Removing duplicate data. Masses of data also include duplicate data. A detailed plan is needed to deal with the mass of duplicate data entering or being stored in the office systems / CRMs etc. Using machine learning algorithms, a company allows computers to create rules that identify potential duplicates based on past deduplication activities. 

  • Data cleansing. You can get it done with team members assigned to oversee or do it manually. It is a time-consuming process thus some team members must be mandated to do it weekly, so it does not pile up and impede company objectives.  Or you could use a system for data cleaning which works based on certain assigned rules. 

  • Remove departmental isolations. All departments in the company must work in tandem and this extends to clean & accurate data being used and shared by the company teams.  

  • Use a machine powered tool to data clean. Machine learning enables a quicker and a better way of enhancing the quality of your data, allowing you to gain clearer insights and obtain a holistic 360 view of the clients. 

So, if you haven’t already started, become the master of clean, accurate, and safe data which will fuel decision making and strategies for the company in the long run.  We hope you enjoyed reading this blog just as we have enjoyed writing and sharing it with all of you.

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