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With every passing generation, careers come and careers go. Switchboard operators, log drivers, bowling pin setters, and lamplighters have all been cast into the annals of history with the march of time. Business analysts, data scientists, social media managers, and Blockchain engineers are some of the careers that have surfaced in the 21st century. These are careers that have emerged with the need of the hour and demands of the market. In This blog, we are looking at one such career that is seeing a rise in demand in the corporate circle – business analysts. 

Business analysts empower companies to make information based decisions by questioning data sources, generating reports, and pinpointing patterns & trends.  With proper guidance and education courses, business analysts (or BAs for short) can assist with data led decision-making in all departments such as marketing, sales, HR, and accounts. Further, this role has scope in every industry such as IT, finance & insurance, public sector, business & professional consulting. This is a career where a large skill set can be put into use such as analytical skills, coding, and tech skills. Every company is now investing in BAs as they see potential in them. 

The steps to becoming a business analyst are: 

  1. Acquire an under - graduate degree in business analytics or allied fields. Sign up for a course in Business Analytics. You may not find a proper degree in India for the same but courses related to statistics, finance, information technology, management, and accounting are helpful for those who are considering this career. 

  2. Begin your career as an intern / trainee / entry level position. In order to make a mark and kick start your career, join a good company in a junior role where learning is maximum and mentoring with seniors provides priceless opportunities. The basic fundamentals are acquired along with technical skills that enable BAs to function optimally. The grooming to be a fine BA starts now. 

  3. Opt for a Master’s degree in business analytics. A number of leading business colleges in India are offering an MBA in business analytics. These institutions include UPES in Dehradun, LPU Jalandhar, Amity University NOIDA, and VIT business school Vellore. An MBA is a prized possession that opens up new vistas. MBA will hone your skills and groom you for this role with managerial perspectives that are required to rise in your career. 

  4. Keep adding to your skills with varied professional certifications. There are many types of certifications that prove to be an asset in this field. These certificates / diplomas add to your knowledge and tell the world that you are a skilled professional. They can cover specific topics such as cybersecurity analysis, agile analysis, and business data analytics. 

It’s always good to have an open mind and enthusiasm to learn something new and plot your career in a field that is likely to rule the roost. One such is Business analysis. We will be seeing a lot of this career profile in the years to come. 

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