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SEO is a complex subject


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“Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale.” – Quote by Chris Brogan, Chief Executive Officer of Owner Media Group

Diya W, late 20s and a passionate home baker in Poona got into baking as she was fed up with her hotel marketing career and wanted to take up baking as her full-time passion cum career. As her fame spread, she opened a bakery in a charming part of boat club area, and orders poured in for her unique and organic offerings.  Her husband enthused by her initial success suggested that she get into social media as means of marketing the bakery and its products.  He grandly said he would handle her social media and took it up with all chivalry. Little did he know, it was not his domain of expertise and he was proving to be out – of – depth.  After giving it a shot for few short weeks, they took a decision to let an expert handle their digital marketing for a fee but plenty of peace of mind.  In the end, they decided it was the best decision to let masters of the trade handle their digital marketing and they focus on other aspects of building up the bakery.

Like Diya W and her husband, many start – ups around the world are getting in touch with professional digital marketing companies. This is because they realise that marketing is not the core specialty and instead of floundering or wasting much time, they are letting the experts like Codleo consulting do the job.  Here are some reasons for companies to outsource their digital marketing to professionals:

  1. Digital marketers listen, deliberate and formulate well crafted marketing strategies to build a brand and further on develop the brand. A well developed strategy is very important to succeed, and this service is part of the functioning of the outsourced company. Leads and prospects can come from any source and one must be prepared to tap them. 

  2. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a complex aspect of digital marketing. SEO involves a step-by-step process that meanders via website crawl accessibility, user experience optimization, content creation, etc. In order to get SEO to work for you, it needs time, patience and a host of professionals coming together (writer, web designer and UX designer).  Thus, in order to get your brand built, professional firms are best equipped to leverage the power of SEO. 

  3. Marketing automation. This one thing delivers a majority of enquiries for brands and start – ups. Marketing automation includes predictive analytics, social media marketing, email marketing, prospect generation, etc.  This is again a domain best done by experts. 

Start – ups are best to focus on building their brand and products / services while outsourcing their digital marketing to Codleo Consulting, an expert in the field and many start – up clients in various domains such as health, education, professional services and non – profit.

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Nikhil Mathur

Nikhil is a Project Manager, 3x Certified Salesforce Consultant with almost 4 years of Salesforce and rich onsite experience from working with multiple offshore clients. Out of the office, he finds thrill in biking and adventure sports.

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