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How AI Enhances Client Experience for Businesses?


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“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.” – Quote by Ginni Rometty.

Artificial intelligence and ecommerce are twins whose bond is getting strengthened with time. Big ecommerce giants like Amazon and its ilk are leveraging the many benefits AI brings to the table. In today’s blog, we are examining, in brief, the advantages AI delivers to ecommerce companies in enhancing the overall shopping experience. It’s an interesting read on how tech can be used to woo clients even though shopping is a very personal experience and at times, impulsive.

Listed below are ways as per Salesforce Consulting Services how AI help ecommerce firms enhance client experience:
  • Build customised offerings based on client’s shopping history. A recent Salesforce survey released revealed that almost 80% of the respondents are not interested in the cookie cutter approach of yore. Winning the hearts and purse string of clients these days means personalisation confirm firms in the Salesforce Consulting Services space. From A to Z, treat each lead or client with respect and shower the same with personalised offerings dear to them. AI is used to understand the client information gathered from different mediums & devices to comprehend every client’s favourites, behaviours, and shopping style.

  • Personalised shopping suggestions based on client data available. For example, if a client is regular with an ice cream chain/shop and their shopping history indicates a preference for fruit-based offerings, then each time the chain launches a fruit-based new flavour, the marketing collateral should be sent to that client. And to make it even more attractive, offer a discount or a freebie to state Salesforce Consulting Services firms. Customised product suggestions can make audiences feel cherished and heard, upgrading their experience with the brand in a positive way that is beneficial for all. Contact Codleo for Salesforce Consulting Services.

  • Transforming the website/app aesthetics. Monitoring the actions of audiences on the ecommerce website provides meaningful insights into their behaviour & choices. Information available can be used to increase the number/range of shopping filters, streamline the checkout process, and improve the layout & simplify the navigation process. Artificial Intelligence to the rescue says Salesforce Consulting Services firms.

  • Create novel experiences with “headless” Artificial Intelligence. The AI-based headless architecture allows a business, to make fast changes & simply to the front-end without changing back-end systems. This lets businesses swiftly introduce new features and experiences based on customer data say Salesforce Consulting Services firms.

If you are a retailer seeking to make money online or already in the ecommerce space, let us as the leader in Salesforce Consulting Services help you to use the power of AI to win the hearts & minds of audiences and shoppers. Connect with Codleo Salesforce Consulting Services for AI usage or any CRM-related matter (implementation, consultancy, support, or training). Our sales team is standing by to be of assistance.


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