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“The only constant in the technology industry is change.” – Quote by Marc Benioff, Chairman, and CEO of Salesforce

Built on the Salesforce platform, Salesforce Education Cloud is a CRM for colleges and provides a 360-degree view with digital-first engagements across the full student lifecycle. Universities and others are able to curate personal experiences and witness an increase in enrolment by over 10%. Power recruitment and admissions, advancement, and operations departments to help students from anywhere a unified CRM for education, made especially for higher education.   

Salesforce Education Cloud automates tasks, simplifies work processes, and streamlines all activities to enable the recruiting department of the university to be in a command position. They are able to engage with prospects in a subtle manner and not feel like as they are being pressured to join a student.  As the prospective students embark on the enrollment journey, you may monitor and track subsequent tasks so that everyone knows who needs to be nurtured and which prospect stands where on the journey with you.   

 The many advantages of Salesforce Education CRM are: 

  • Track lead (potential students) and target them.  Messaging to leads becomes relevant and personalised thus holding their attention.  The chances of converting leads into students get more real.  

  • Lead segmentation. CRM for education allows for leads to be segmented as per their source of origin as well as other well-defined metrics. This information allows for better analysis and marketing. 

  • All data is one centralised place, easy to use and access to all. No more silos.  Everyone gets to see a unified view of the entire student cycle. Clarity enables better decision-making and so on. 

  • Follow-ups.  A CRM for education has the option of setting reminders which pop up or in email format, to enable the concerned person to do follow-ups and so on. The recruitment/counselling team gets timely reminders for all prospective clients. 

  • The education CRM software aids to monitor the tasks related to student counselling , courses with their fee structure. The CRM for colleges keeps the data handy for easy usage in the future. 

  • Increased ROI. Thanks to the CRM for colleges, the productivity and efficiency goes up, as a result, the company gets more ROI on its investment. Saving of overhead costs etc all add up and as recruitment of students is higher, the finances of the institutions are better than before. 

  • It enables better engagement with all stakeholders such as alumni, students, donors, well wishers, staff, and so on. Consistent and clear messaging helps the institution in more than one way. Everyone is respected, valued, and engaged as often as required.

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