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Salesforce Customization for NGOs and Ways It Can Help

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Salesforce Customization for NGOs and Ways It Can Help

“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” – Quote by Pakistani activist Ms. MALALA YOUSAFZAI, Co-Founder of Malala Fund and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Salesforce, the number one CRM in the world has a solution for all industries and verticals. It even has created space to include non-profit organisations and charities to enable them to perform better. One of the ways that they are supporting NGOs is by offering its software for free for up to 10 users at any non-profit organization that signs up with them. After 10 users, it is a paid sign-up. This the move reduces the financial burden on these organisations though customisation comes at a price.

Salesforce being a very flexible and customisable software tool, it can be modified to suit NGOs of all hues, big multinationals to small grass-root NGOs working in remote villages of sub-Saharan Africa or the hinterland of India. To begin with, The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (also known as NPSP) is a free solution designed by Salesforce to organize the objects and fields of the CRM for the unique needs of nonprofits. It’s a preconfigured solution that helps nonprofits track donor accounts, contacts, potential opportunities, and fundraising campaigns.

This pack/tool helps store valuable and relevant data such as:

  • Names and contact details of Donors

  • Prospect research data

  • Details of donations made by each donor (frequency and amount)

  • Details of donor/audience communication such as emails opened and clicked through

  • Survey responses

  • Such data is useful for donor engagement and fundraising targets.

Select a good Salesforce certified vendor-partner for implementing your Salesforce and get them to integrate a complete software solution with your Salesforce pack which will take care of all your company needs & requirements.  Do keep in mind that the configuration of your entire software ecosystem will help you make the best use of the NPSP and Salesforce as a whole. The software ecosystem should include features such as donation tools, event registration, and digital marketing tools. The partner company will engage with the team at the NGO in-depth to understand their needs and thereafter craft a curated solution just for them. 

With the right customisation you get a holistic overview of your activities, goals, stakeholders, and fund utilisation enabling you to take corrective measures and improve the overall efficiency of the NGO. Salesforce enables NGOs to assume corporate-style governance yet focus on their core mission to make a difference in the lives of others and our environment. More non-profits around the world are now turning to The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack to make a difference to their working style

Liberty Asia (Human trafficking prevention agency), Olga Tennison Autism centre in Australia and the American Red Cross have all leveraged the power of Salesforce to make a difference in the world. Are you another non-profit who has benefitted from Salesforce? Write and let us know.

Configure Salesforce to meet the needs of your non-profit and reap the benefits just as others have over the past years.

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