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For a business of any nature, it is important in this day and age to have a tech / digital tools in your kitty to ensure that your day to day functioning is as smooth as ever. It enables you to perform optimally and that each minute is productive. As we all know, time is money and money is time. Let read about some Salesforce integration tools which give a boost to your productivity.

The Top 5 Salesforce Integration Tools to Increase Your Productivity are: 

  • Quip – It is a cell phone focussed and 21st-century productivity suite that contains all the necessary features like team chats, spreadsheets, and documentation within a single umbrella. Thus, businesses create more opportunities as well as make better judgments. Companies across varied verticals such as banks & tech giants have improved their productivity with the Quip Salesforce integration. Quip fosters an environment that is interactive, linked, and concerted. This leads to processes that are completed with fewer emails & meetings and enhanced opportunities for growth to meet the enhanced requirements of clients. 

  • Ebsta – Do you use Gmail as your preferred email service provider and are also using Salesforce as your CRM tool? If yes, won’t it be great to integrate the two instead of going back and forth?  Well, Ebsta is that tool that links the two and filters in Salesforce into Gmail. A business can link email and Google Calendar using Ebsta, use Salesforce email templates, monitor email opens, and generate follow up tasks in your inbox. Now users and businesses don’t have to go back and forth between the two strong tools. 

  • Icertis - It’s important that Salesforce CRM is integrated with a good contract management platform; otherwise, one is not utilizing the many advantages of either platform. Integration with Icertis leads to teams creating, watching, sanctioning as well as cooperating on contracts within the Salesforce to increase contract flow, enhance productivity and drive your business to a higher growth trajectory. Smooth integration of Icertis Contract Management helps you in speeding, safeguarding, and streamlining business activities. Thus, the contract processing system is streamlined, revenue generation on the increase, fewer dangers, and expenses under control. 

  • Toutapp - ToutApp Salesforce integration works as a sales enhancement tool that enables company employees to create emails quicker and follow-up on marketing emails. This software helps with lead nurturing, with relevant content being sent to the right leads at the right time. Its built-in phone and dialer system lets company employees phone a lead or get in touch straight from the Salesforce platform. This email and marketing tracking tool lets you prioritize assignments, improve the content, and helps in converting leads to clients 

  • Getfeedback - Get instant Post Chat Feedback with the Getfeedback tool. It puts client replies in context and pushes them into Salesforce, which leads to actionable insights and enhances work performance. 

These are some of the many Salesforce integration tools in the market. How many of them are you using?  How many do you propose to use? Let us know about any other tool we may have omitted in this blog. Cheers! 

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