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The world’s leading CRM tool – Salesforce is a revolutionary tool to enhance the customer journey. This cloud computing tool can be integrated with some of the leading cloud solutions in the market. These could be in the domains of sales, marketing, and services. Let's read about these cloud solutions which are part of the Salesforce universe and integration with Salesforce CRM.

Sales cloud – Enhance your sales with Salesforce; Sales cloud is the world’s #1 sales and CRM application. Sales Cloud helps to gear-up your consideration and acquire novel clients fast. The Sales Cloud lets you manage your contacts with the unique Contact Management feature. This feature gives you a holistic overview of your leads & clients, their activity history, main contacts, customer links, and intensive in-office analysis. The Sales Collaboration component of Sales cloud motivates users with the ability to log into the expertise of any sales personnel with the assistance of the social partnership system curated for the brand.  Here one gains visibility into deals and watch them improve with time. Salesforce Integration Services include a smooth integration of this cloud and your CRM.

Service cloud - Salesforce service cloud gives you a holistic and 360-degree view of your customers and enables you to deliver faster & personalized service. With it, you can create a knowledge base, create the provision of live agent chat, and manage case interactions, and so on. The cloud-based service allows curated customer interaction as well as up-sell products/services based on past records. The platform allows customer engagement across multiple channels such as the internet, short messaging service or SMS, social media such as Instagram or Twitter, emails, and telephone calls. This is a consistent and convenient way of staying in touch. Salesforce Integration Services include a smooth integration of this cloud and your CRM. 

Marketing Cloud - The marketing cloud of Salesforce is a comprehensive solution for e-mail, social networking, client progress administration, presenting, content creation, CMS, and information analysis. Salesforce marketing cloud lets you create relevant marketing via e-mail. It lets you go cross-channel and improve the digital marketing strategy by becoming the conduit between the cell phone and email strategy. Marketing Reasoning lets users deal with and change your ad drive to secure clients. Salesforce and marketing cloud integration will boost marketing plans and enable the marketing team to help the sales team achieve their goals for the company.

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