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In this blog, we will look at some real case studies of how the world's biggest and most popular CRM - Salesforce is enabling companies to improve workflow and processes. So instead of spewing jargon and giving tech throws, here we just layout some real-life examples of change in India based companies via your very own SF.  Happy reading!

Electrotherm India - Salesforce has made the company customer-centric. Its employees (agents and engineers) have access to complete information pertaining to clients, products, and supplies in a centralized place, easily accessed. Problems are solved faster with a reduction in losses to their clients. Its managerial team has easy insight into leads, data, dashboards, thus able to make fast decisions and a view into potential clients & opportunities. With SF, customer complaints and resolutions are available in the form of reports. Key projects are tracked and review their marketing strategy. Electrotherm operates in the engineering metal melting industry with clients in over 40 countries. Dr. Vishad Rahangdale, CIO, says “People across the board feel more empowered to make decisions on improving performance and service. Our business strategy is now data-driven and analytics are paving the way for business growth.

Janalakshmi Financial Services - Processes that can be scaled as well as automated has given wings to this microfinance company with a large customer base. Microfinancing meets the needs of those Indians who are not a part of the formal banking system as yet. SF also enabled a simplified version of the on-boarding process which has reduced the time spent on loan applications and cash dispersal. Integrated with its core banking system and a custom mobile app, SF allows its team members to capture new leads and indulge their client base from anywhere. Biometrics of customers can be verified on the team member's phones itself leading to instant verification as well as all transactions are validated on the spot. “Our vision has always been about improving financial inclusion and providing a full suite of products and services to a growing number of customers. Investment in technology like Salesforce has helped make that possible,” said Vidyasagar Bedida, Vice President, Technology and Processes, Janalakshmi Financial Services.

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Urban Ladder - The online furniture retailer is now customer-focused more than ever thanks to the Salesforce partnership. It has easy access to rich and relevant data about past clients, their preferences leading to personalized engagement and service. workflows and reporting are easier. Service Cloud is being used to get feedback on the future requirements of its customer base so that such products are made / available on their site leading to first-mover advantage. The strong emphasis on customer is king philosophy is paying dividends with the SF advantage with the company going from strength to strength. “There are several touchpoints in online retail as customers explore new products, make queries about their orders, and share their experiences online. Service Cloud let us integrate all these for a 360-degree view of each customer,” said Vipin Jawaria, Director of Products at Urban Ladder.

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